Rspec System Test passes when run individually, fails when run with entire suite

Rspec System Test passes when run individually, fails when run with entire suite

I have the following test that passes when I run it in isolation:

I have the following test that passes when I run it in isolation:

require 'rails_helper'

RSpec.describe 'deleting a non-recurring user event', js: true do

let(:user) { create(:proofreader_user) } let(:date) { Date.current.strftime('%Y-%m-%d') } let(:date_time) { date + ' 00:00'}

it 'deletes the event' do visit root_path click_on "Login" fill_in "Email", with: fill_in "Password", with: user.password click_on "Sign In" visit calendar_path expect(current_path).to eq(calendar_path) expect(page).to have_css("#complete_registration:disabled") expect(page).to_not have_css("td.fc-event-container") find("td.fc-day[data-date='#{date}']").click expect(page).to have_css("div#user-event-modal") expect(page).to have_select('user_event[title]', :options => UserEvent.titles.keys) expect(find('input', id: 'user_event_starting').value).to eq date_time expect(find('input', id: 'user_event_ending').value).to eq date_time page.execute_script("$('input#user_event_starting').val('#{date} 09:00')") expect(find('input', id: 'user_event_starting').value).to eq date + ' 09:00' page.execute_script("$('input#user_event_ending').val('#{date} 12:00')") expect(find('input', id: 'user_event_ending').value).to eq date + ' 12:00' click_on 'Save' expect(page).to have_css("td.fc-event-container a.fc-day-grid-event") expect(page).to have_css("span.fc-time", text: '9a - 12p') expect(page).to have_css("span.fc-title", text: 'work') find("span.fc-time", text: '9a - 12p').click expect(page).to have_css("div#user-event-modal") find("#del_one_event").click within('.swal2-actions') { click_button('Yes') } wait_for { page }.to_not have_css("div#user-event-modal") expect(page).to_not have_css("td.fc-event-container") expect(page).to_not have_css("span.fc-time", text: '10a - 14p') end end

However, when I run all of the tests I get the following error:

Failure/Error: within('.swal2-actions') { click_button('Yes') }

   Unable to find visible css ".swal2-actions"

Why does this test fail when I run it with the other test and how can I fix it so it passes when I run all tests?


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