6 Contrarian Things Our Dev Lead Does When Updating Execs

6 Contrarian Things Our Dev Lead Does When Updating Execs

Dev leads use LinearB to identify project risks, predict delays and see who needs attention, so you can help your team ship on time. Product leads use LinearB to get detailed, real-time updates, ensure priority projects are getting focus and communicate to the business more authoritatively.

We are not purists at LinearB. Certainly not when it comes to "methodologies" like Agile or Scrum. We're not bothered with how things are "supposed" to be done. All of those rules are just dogma to us and we don't care.

We believe in lean engineering and we buy-in to a lot of ideas from the Agile Manifesto. But some Agile principles are outdated. Like "The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation." Not for us. We embrace asynchronous as the default form of communication within our dev team.

Same with Scrum. We generally follow Scrum but a lot of the common rules don't work for us. Like the product manager is not allowed to attend daily stand-up or they can attend but not talk. We don't think that makes sense. Our PM is an important member of our scrum team and plays a big role in unblocking developers and helping us deliver on time.

Another area where we challenge accepted norms is how we communicate engineering work and feature updates to our executive team.

*Contrarian Approach to Presenting Engineering Work to Execs *

We're a start-up so Boaz Dremer wears a lot of hats for us. He's part tech lead, part product lead and part scrum lead.

Boaz communicates engineering work and feature updates differently than other tech leads I've worked with. In fact, some of the things he shares would probably be considered contrary to best practices at other companies.

Check out this *10 minute video of Boaz presenting at our CEO's staff meeting on 9-30-2020. *

Use expanded view to get the full experience)

If you watched the whole video, a few things probably jumped out at you. If you didn't, no worries. I've highlighted the important takeaways below.

*6 Things Boaz Does Differently *

1. Educates Execs on Engineering Vocab, Process and Success Metrics

From day one, Boaz and our entire engineering organization have gone out of their way to teach our business about the software development process. Every person in our customer success, marketing and sales organizations know the terms branch, pull request, WIP, merged, refactor, continuous delivery... you name it. And they know what each means and how it all fits together.

Sure, some of the concepts behind the terms are technical. But, honestly, it's not hard. If everyone can remember what an MQL and SQL is and where it fits in the marketing and sales funnel, they can learn what a PR is and where it fits into the dev funnel.

Boaz shares engineering updates with the whole company every single week and shows our Cycle Timewhich is our main engineering metric for efficiency.

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