Automating Android UI Tests With Firebase Test Lab and Travis CI

Automating Android UI Tests With Firebase Test Lab and Travis CI

Add CI to your Android workflow. If your CI system is Travis, then running UI/instrumented test cases on it is not an efficient solution.

If your CI system is Travis, then running UI/instrumented test cases on it is not an efficient solution. It will take a while to run the test cases on the emulator as it will take time to set up the emulator, and also some test cases might fail if it does not get a response within 45 seconds time duration. Also, you will lose the capability of running the same test on multiple devices to find the error on specific devices only.

Firebase Test Lab can solve most of these problems. It runs the tests on the devices (physical and virtual) hosted on the Google data center. It is a cloud-based app-testing infrastructure. You can specify which devices it should run on, therefore you can also find issues on specific devices/configurations. It takes far less time to run the setup of Firebase Test Lab in Travis CI compared to the emulator setup and to the test on the Travis CI itself. You also get the benefit of seeing the results, including logs, videos, and screenshots in the Firebase console.

Let’s start by integrating the Travis CI workflow with Firebase Test Lab.

Requirements: GitHub account, Travis CI account, Firebase account

1. Add Travis CI to Android

  • Sign up / log in to your Travis CI account using GitHub:

  • Go to Settings and you should see your GitHub repos. Use the toggle to enable the repo you are trying to use Travis CI with.

  • Add a .travis.yml file to the root folder of your project.

    Image for post

Add .travis.yml file to the root of the project directory (Image source: Author)

Wikipedia defines YAML this way:

“YAML (a recursive acronym for ‘YAML Ain’t Markup Language’) is a human-readable data-serialization language. It is commonly used for configuration files and in applications where data is being stored or transmitted.”

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