What Observability Should Do for Your Organization

What Observability Should Do for Your Organization

Red Hat's Bartek Plotka and Grafana's Richard Hartmann cover how observability should be easier to use and how it can be cost effective. What Observability Should Do for Your Organization. Observability must be end-to-end, providing visibility into. You need quick views that anyone in your organization can use.

Debate continues in the industry about what observability is, and more specifically, what it should offer DevOps, especially those working in operations who are often responsible for detecting those “unknown unknowns” that degrade system performance. In this  The New Stack Makers podcast, we discuss how observability should be easier to use and how it can be cost-effective.

Our guests are  Bartek Plotka, a principal engineer at  Red Hat, as well as the SIG observability tech lead for the  Thanos project and a  Prometheus maintainer; and  Richard Hartmann, community director at  Grafana, a Prometheus maintainer,  OpenMetrics founder and a SIG observability chair member for the  Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Alex Williams, founder and publisher of The New Stack, hosted this episode.

Defining observability in a DevOps context and what it offers can remain difficult since the topic is so broad. In many ways, observability has become a buzzword, which means “some of its meaning gets lost,” said Hartmann. However, it remains very useful in today’s often highly distributed environments.

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