Which Is Faster: Rust Or C? Let’s Find Out Who Is The Usain Bolt

Which Is Faster: Rust Or C? Let’s Find Out Who Is The Usain Bolt

A comparative study on the speed of C & Rust language using popular sorting algorithms.

C, the ninja turtle’s master

“C is quirky, flawed, and an enormous success.”

— Dennis Ritchie

C, one of the most established programming languages, is an imperative computer programming language for general purposes that dates back to 1969. Dennis Ritchieis thefather of the C programming language. In 1989, the American National Standards Institute and the International Organisation for Standardisation developed new consensus standards for C. It’s still a versatile and widely used programming language, built as a simple, low-level programming language that works across platforms.

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“C++ and Java, say, are presumably growing faster than plain C, but I bet C will still be around.”

— Dennis Ritchie

Popular household devices such as microwave ovens, washing machines and digital cameras are becoming more sophisticated by the day. A microprocessor, an operating system and software contained in these machines provide this knowledge. Not only do these programs have to run efficiently, but they still have to work on a small amount of memory. It is not shocking that such programs are written in C.

Major parts of popular operating systems like Windows, UNIX, Linux is still written in C. This is because even today when it comes to performance (speed of execution) nothing beats C (but not from now onwards). Moreover, if one is to extend the operating system to work with new devices one needs to write device driver programs. These programs are exclusively written in C.

C language has a huge impact on the IT industry and still playing a vital role.

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