7 Latest Data Science Job Openings To Apply Now

According to a recent study, amid the pandemic, the overall Data Science and Analytics market has evolved to adapt to the continually changing economic and business environments. This has called for various jobs in the emerging tech space like data science, machine learning, deep learning, data analytics and others.

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7 Latest Data Science Job Openings To Apply Now

15 Latest Data Science And Analyst Jobs To Apply For

For this week’s latest data science job openings, we have come up with a curated list of job openings for data scientists and analysts from last week.

Data Scientists Openings

Data Science Lead at Paytm Money

Location: Bangalore


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15 Latest Data Science Job Openings From Past Week

Data Scientists have attained much notoriety in the past few years among organisations. For this week’s data scientist roles, we have curated 15 latest job openings for the position of data scientists and senior data scientists that were just posted the past week.

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Is There An Upswing In Data Science Jobs in India

With the world starting to open amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of jobs available in data science sees an upward trend in India as we inch closer to providing vaccines for everyone.

The number of vacancies for data science jobs on the top job portals in India increased by 53% from when India eased the lockdown restrictions on June 8 to Nov 30, according to the data collated by AIMResearch. Although it is difficult to ascertain the exact number of open jobs, the top job portals in India, Naukri, LinkedIn, and MonsterIndia together showed almost 125,000 vacancies on Nov 30.

However, the pandemic did result in a decrease in the number of open data science jobs at the start as vacancies reduced from 101,562 from Dec 17 last year to 81,704 on June 8. Despite this decrease, India’s share of open data science jobs in the world increased from 7.2% in January to 9.8% in August.

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Trevor  Russel

Trevor Russel


15 Latest Data Science & Analyst Jobs That Just Opened Past Week

With the rising popularity of data science jobs, we have once again come up with a curated list of this week’s latest job openings for data scientists and analysts.
Data Science Job Openings

  1. Applied Scientist at Amazon
  2. Data Scientist at Accenture
  3. Data Scientist – Associate at JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  4. Data Scientist 2 at Microsoft
  5. Lead- Python (Data Science) at Infosys
  6. Data Scientist at IBM
  7. Staff Data Scientist at Walmart
  8. AI Resident – Data Scientist at Shell
  9. Software Engineer Data Science at Cisco
    Data Analysts Openings
  10. Data Science Analyst at Citi
  11. Data Analyst at PayPal
  12. Data Analyst at McAfee
  13. Marketing Data & Analytics Specialist at HP
  14. Analyst- Analytics Developer at Deloitte
  15. Principal Data & Analytics Engineer, India – ED&A ICC at Nike

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Gerhard  Brink

Gerhard Brink


10 Latest Big Data Engineer Openings At Top Firms In India


1| Senior Technical Architect at Thoucentric

Location: Bangalore

**Responsibilities: **

  • Design and implement data architecture and ETL for a niche data platform.
  • Bring in-depth understanding on Relational, Big Data and Cloud technologies.
  • Build client relationships and participate in business development and proposal work to grow a strong data engineering sub-practice.

Apply here.

2| Data Engineer at Thoucentric

Location: Bangalore

**Responsibilities: **

  • Build data crawlers to extract data from customers’ data sources using available ETL platforms, and troubleshoot the issues faced during data loading & processing.
  • Design and build data warehouse models in columnar databases.
  • Develop data processing scripts using SQL and optimise complex sequences of SQL Queries.

Apply here.

3| Big Data Engineer at Thoucentric

Location: Bangalore


  • Take ownership of end-to-end data-pipeline including system design and integrating required Big Data tools & frameworks.
  • Implementing ETL processes and constructing data warehouse (HDFS, S3, Azure etc.) at scale.
  • Analyse the source and target system data. Map the transformation that meets the requirements.

Apply here.

Find below the data engineer job openings:

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