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Imagine connecting with colleagues beyond 2D screens. Welcome to the metaverse.

At Facebook Connect, Mark Zuckerberg revealed a new company name, Meta, plus new VR and AR technologies the company is developing for the future.

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Fix: G Suite not Working | G Suite Email not Working | Google Business

G Suite is one of the Google products, developed form of Google Apps. It is a single platform to hold cloud computing, collaboration tools, productivity, software, and products. While using it, many a time, it’s not working, and users have a question– How to fix G Suite not working on iPhone? It can be resolved easily by restarting the device, and if unable to do so, you can reach our specialists whenever you want.
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Xfinity Stream Not Working?

Xfinity, the tradename of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, is the first rate supplier of Internet, satellite TV, phone, and remote administrations in the United States. Presented in 2010, previously these administrations were given under the Comcast brand umbrella. Xfinity makes a universe of mind boggling amusement and innovation benefits that joins a great many individuals to the encounters and minutes that issue them the most. Since Xfinity is the greatest supplier of link administrations and home Internet in the United States, it isn’t amazing that the organization gets a ton of investigating and inquiry goal demands on its telephone based Xfinity Customer Service.

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Resolve Xfinity Comcast Email not Working | +1-888-857-5157 | How to

Comcast is one of the email service providers and you can log-in by using credentials such as username and password. However, while using it, many users face Comcast email, not working problems. Here we discussed How To Resolve Xfinity Comcast Email Not Working Problems easily by going through the steps. This article helps you to get rid of several issues associated with Xfinity Comcast Email Not Working Issues.

Many of them might be first-time users of Comcast. While you have created an account, you may not know the procedure for sign-in but while log-in some users face the issue and unable to get into your account. The log-in procedure to the account is very simple and easy to follow. Let’s start with the procedure to follow the below steps.

**Steps To Resolve Xfinity Comcast Email Login Problem

  • Be sure that your internet network connection is strong.
  • Always ensure to turn on and Off the NUMLOCK and CAPSLOCK keys while typing your password as passwords are always case-sensitive.
  • Avoid doing copy-pasting your password as there is a possibility of including a Space at the beginning or at the end of the password.
  • Now, you have to enter slowly and steadily to avoid the human tendency of doing typo-error while in a hurry.
  • If your browser is auto-filling your old/previous password then, you have to hit on your browser’s Auto-fill Settings and update it with your current password.
  • Even a minor fault can also lead to an Xfinity Comcast email login problem and thus, you should check whether there is a Comcast Email Service outage in your area.
  • Always, be sure about the compatibility of your web browser with Comcast email, and update the version of your web browser.
  • Now, you have to remove all the add-ons and plug-ins from your browser that might be interfering with your Comcast email service leading to blocking of your account access.
  • Lastly, you can try temporarily disabling your antivirus and Windows Firewall as they can also block your access to the Comcast email service account.

After going, through these steps, you can surely get the issue resolved related to Xfinity Comcast Email Not Working Problems and if you require technical assistance related to it, then you can feel free to get in touch with our Xfinity Comcast Email specialists at +1-888-857-5157. Our support team available 24*7 to help resolve your issues related to Xfinity Comcast Email Problems.

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Emails Customer Care - AOL Mail Is Working Slow Problems

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Are you dealing with AOL Mail Is Working Slow Problems? Behind this error may be several reasons such as outdated web browser, memory space, RAM, and maybe other software problems. Here, In this blog, we are discussing How To Fix AOL Mail Is Working Slow Problems? Following some common steps to solve these issues as per client requirements.

Basic tips to solve AOL mail Working slow

  • Update Windows and software for the latest release.
  • Try upgrading your computer’s application driver.
  • Turn off your computer’s firewall.
  • Virus and malware programs can be removed using anti-virus tools.
  • Change your computer settings.
  • Remove all temporary and junk files from your computer.

Why AOL Mail Responding Slow Down & Working Issues?

1. Again start your Computer
Many problems can be easily solved by restarting your computer. A reboot helps remove all junk and time files from the computer. It also contributes to RAM cleaning and solving minor technical problems. It also helps connect the router to the AOL Gold desktop server.

2. Check your Internet Connection
If your internet connection is slow, all programs including AOL Desktop Gold will run slowly. You inspect all network link cables. Turn off the modem and the router. You can turn your computer off for 30 seconds before turning it back on and making sure that the link is secure. You can also search for Desk Gold which is not actually running in the background, as it slows down AOL Desktop Gold.

3. Software Reinstallation
You have to reinstall the program due to a technical issue arising as a result of the software running continuously or for some other purpose.

You can review the specifications of the software before downloading it. This program must be compliant with the system requirements for downloading.

Solution 4: Startup programs should be discontinued
If you have a program that is classified as a Windows start-up program, you have to close all of them. If you add more software to the system, the list of startup programs will continue to grow. This problem is not caused by a program on your computer desktop. Disabling problematic programs will help you save time and make the machine run faster.

You have to follow these simple steps to fix AOL Mail’s Working Slow Issues. If you are unable to fix these issues. You may talk to our email customer care experts through a phone call at +1-888-857-5157. We will provide complete solutions related to your issues.


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Adamjose usa

Adamjose usa


Metaverse Development

A Robust Metaverse Development Platform



The metaverse is a persistent, 3D, shared universe that is fundamentally built upon the capabilities of blockchain technologies. 

  1. The metaverse allows you to create an identity and traverse this world with other users. 
  2. The metaverse is a persistent, online, three-dimensional environment that integrates numerous virtual spaces.
  3.  Metaverse means Beyond Our World or a world beyond/beyond this one.
  4. The term metaverse development platform is becoming more often used to refer to the same thing: a large-scale digital environment. An environment is created that consists of many smaller virtual worlds. The term itself originates from Bridge to Terabithia (1977). It was like stepping through a mirror into another world".

Develop Metaverse Platform

The metaverse platform will allow anyone to create and distribute their virtual worlds. These virtual worlds will be connected through the same metaverse API, meaning the social interactions that users develop in one world will carry over to others. Develop metaverse platform that will also allow users to test their skills against each other in multiplayer games. To achieve this, the platform has taken a decentralized approach, where users are in control of their data and how it is viewed by others.

It is commonly accepted that the “metaverse” will be a virtual environment where humans and their avatars interact with other humans, their avatars and business services. This allows people to live in this space and explore new ways of interacting with each other. IT is known fact that the metaverse is an unified virtual universe, similar to the World Wide Web, but with a greater emphasis on user immersion”

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Metaverse

The decentralized nature of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is the perfect fit to Build metaverse platform where people can create a digital economy with different types of utility tokens and NFTs. There are numerous challenges to overcome. But we have seen that it’s possible to create applications with cryptocurrency support and virtual worlds, like Axie Infinity, SecondLife or Decentraland.

Why Video games are linked to Metaverse

Create your own metaverse platform that is the next step in the evolution of the internet. With metaverse platforms like SNOW, we have the opportunity to build our virtual world and explore it with others across different games, apps, and virtual societies. The future of cyberspace is a place where we can interact with each other and experience new things, using tools from augmented reality to artificial intelligence.

With the rise in popularity of immersive, 3d motion-capture computer games and virtual reality headsets, the metaverse has infiltrated our culture. For this reason, developers have been eager to Build metaverse platform that is innovative and has real experiences. In the future, the metaverse will be software-based and allow gamers from around the world to enter a virtual playground.


Create Metaverse Platform

Metaverse platform is an independent, isolated and fault-tolerant infrastructure for creating and running virtual worlds that gives the system administrator full control over the properties of the virtual world's reality. The goal of this project is to create a balance between the needs of users and all participants in the platform to improve the technological, economic and social development of the world as a whole by developing blockchain technologies for common use in everyday life and at work.

We create Metaverse platform on a set of protocols, standards and an environment that powers the development of next-generation distributed applications. They allow developers for creating their own branded virtual worlds, each with unique rules and properties.


Why Choose Shamlatech Solutions to create your own metaverse platform

Our Metaverse developers are skilled at working with any technology, whether you want to expand your business or create your own metaverse platform. 

Our Metaverse development platform solutions allow us to Develop metaverse platforms for the future of the internet, gaming, etc.



A Robust Metaverse Development Platform to build a Virtual World


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