What is SEEN Token?

What is SEEN Token?

In this post, we'll look at What is SEEN Token?

What is seen.haus?

seen.haus is merging the digital and physical worlds through non-fungible token (NFT) and tangible product auctions.

We have created a trustworthy and on-trend exchange platform for buyers and sellers of limited edition physical and digital artworks.

This relationship between digital and physical assets is established by a specifically generated QR code. The QR code permanently links the tangible asset to the minted NFT through the use of blockchain technology. This authenticates that the buyer has both physical and digital ownership of the asset. Successful bidders will be issued with a certified tamper proof Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) again linked to both the tangible and NFT.

Seen.haus is governed by the $seen token which is designed to help curate and guide the future of project.

$seen holders will have a say in seen.haus collaborations, drops, auction styles, and much more.

The $seen token can be purchased here.

We will be collaborating with a range of artists and designers around the world and will be releasing paintings, collectibles, streetwear and much more.

The demand for tangible and digital artwork ownership is only getting started. This is the beginning of the next wave.

Welcome to seen.haus.

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