Пользователи Docker более 20 миллионов раз скачали заражённые образы из Docker Hub

Пользователи Docker более 20 миллионов раз скачали заражённые образы из Docker Hub

На этих десятках миллионов скачиваний злоумышленники заработали более 200 тыс долларов. Сам процесс в общей сложности длился около двух лет.

Researchers from Palo Alto Networks found that Docker users downloaded images infected by hackers over 20 million times. With their help, attackers mined cryptocurrency at the expense of the computers of their victims, writes Bleeping Computer.

All "tainted" files were downloaded from Docker Hub. It is the largest library of containerized applications. With its help, both companies and ordinary developers share their open source solutions for Docker.

As a result, over two years, hackers uploaded about 30 malicious images to the hub. To do this, they used 10 different accounts, which were designed to mislead users.

Experts said that, as a result, the attackers have farmed about 200 thousand dollars (just over 15 million rubles) at the expense of the infected machines.


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