Delbert  Ferry

Delbert Ferry


GraphQL Summit is just around the corner

Announcing the GraphQL Summit Worldwide Talks!!

  • Using Subscriptions with Your Federated Data Graph by Mandi Wise, Solutions Architect at Apollo
  • Oh Hello Apollo Client, Farewell Redux 👋 by Ankita Kulkarni, Tech Lead at Loblaw Digital
  • How Your Infrastructure Choices Make (or Break) Your Team Culture by Jason Lengstorf, Principal Developer at Netlify
  • Acquiring a Data Graph by Taz Singh, Founder at []
  • The power of schema: How to work in the future by Kyle Schrade, Software Engineer at StockX
  • GraphQL Observability by Ash Narcisse, Engineer at Apollo
  • Server Driven UIs on the Web with GraphQL by Faraz Ahmad, Software Engineer at UberEats

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GraphQL Summit is just around the corner