Aurelia vs Angular: 9 Most Valuable Differences You Should Know

Aurelia vs Angular: 9 Most Valuable Differences You Should Know

Aurelia and Angular are popular JavaScript frameworks. In this Aurelia vs Angular article, we will look at their Meaning, Head To Head Comparison, Key differences in a simple and easy ways.

Difference between Aurelia and Angular

Aurelia is an emerging modern User Interface framework for JavaScript. This framework focuses on business logic rather than other features of the framework. It is a simple, concise and easy to use framework for the front end web applications. Its different features are two-way binding, extensible HTML, modern architecture, support for different languages, easily manageable and testable. Angular is also a front-end framework that was based on TypeScript language. It supports cross-platform and modern web browsers. It has different features like dynamic loading, reflection, an asynchronous compilation of the templates.


Aurelia was backed by Durandal Inc. It was licensed under the MIT license. Aurelia provides great rendering speed, very good memory efficiency, unidirectional data flow which is safer, higher standards of compliance, greater integration compatibility with different other platforms or frameworks. Aurelia is an open-source framework and is licensed under MIT.


Angular was developed and is maintained by an Angular team at Google with a group of community and individual contributors. It was licensed under the MIT license. It was initially released in the year 2016. It was written in Typescript. Its code was hosted on the Github repository. The latest version of the angular is Angular 6 which is released on May 2018. The code is based on modularity and has different components as it is a component-based model. Angular provides greater speed and performance and supports the development across all the platforms and supports different tools with integration and mainly it was backed by Google, it has a more user base and the larger community that is more credible and reliable.

Head To Head Comparison Between Aurelia and Angular (Infographics)

Below is the top 9 difference between Aurelia vs Angular

Aurelia vs Angular Infographics

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