HomeWhich is a professional manufacturer of wire mesh?

HomeWhich is a professional manufacturer of wire mesh?

Hot Products About DXR DXR Wire Mesh is a manufacturing & trading combo of wire mesh and wire cloth in China. With a track record of over 30 years of business and a technical sales staff with over 30 years of combined experience. In 1988, DeXiangRui Wire Cloth Co., Ltd. was founded in Anping

Hello everyone! I, am looper, work in De Xiang Rui Wire Cloth Co., Ltd. De Xiang Rui Wire Cloth Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing & trading combo of wire mesh and wire cloth in China. With a track record of over 30 years of business and a technical sales staff with over 21 years of combined experience.

Stainless steel wire mesh is a mesh made of stainless steel wire as a raw material. Many specifications. Aperture: 0.02mm-23.3mm. Mesh number 1-635 mesh. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Product Features: Stainless steel wire cloth offers high filtering efficiency, low pressure loss, constant mesh opening, good dimensional stability, high open surface area and good fireproof property. Application 2-150 mesh for Filtering Liquids and Gases 100-325 mesh for Filtration & Separation 8-100 mesh for Oil Strainers

Dutch Weave Wire Mesh are thick and strong. Dutch Weave Wire Mesh is also known as Micronic Filter Cloth. Light-tight meshes Used primarily in fluid, vacuum, and pressure filtering of liquids and gases Precise tolerances Tiny curved, triangular tunnel openings 2 microns to 200 microns

Woven Wire Mesh, typically produced from stainless steel, is commonly employed as a filtration medium for sieving in a wide range of industries. Most often woven with a plain weave, or a twill weave for the lightest of meshes, apertures can be produced from a few microns upwards (e.g. 25 microns), employing wires with diameters from as little as 25 microns.

Aluminum Wire Mesh is lightweight; in fact, a good rule of thumb is that, when compared to its stainless steel counterpart, aluminum mesh is approximately 1/3rd the weight of stainless. Aluminum is largely considered the most popular non-ferrous metal in the world, and as such, aluminum alloys are commonly used in the wire mesh industry. Aluminum alloys are composed primarily of aluminum, and also contain other elements like copper, magnesium, manganese, or silicon.

Low Carbon Steel Wire Mesh is Black in Color. So it is named Black Wire Cloth. Black Wire Cloth is also known as low carbon steel wire cloth, mild steel wire mesh. Material: Super quality low carbon steel wire. Weaving: Plain or twill woven wire cloth.

Brass Wire Mesh is made of brass wire. Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc. It has much better abrasion resistance,better corrosion resistance and lower electrical conductivity as compared with copper.

Copper Wire Mesh: The primary usages of copper in wire cloth are in those applications requiring corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, spark resistance and non-magnetic properties. Copper Wire Mesh finds wide usage in traveling water screens,radio frequency interference shielding, sugar processing and marine applications.

Skilled workers weave this copper screening in a plain(or other weave like Twilled and Dutch) weave over-under pattern on modern mechanical looms. Our copper wire is over 99% pure.

Galvanized Wire Mesh is made of galvanized iron wire. It is also can made of iron wire then zinccoating galvanized also can coated PVC. Galvanized Wire Mesh is commonly used as insect screening and sieves, industries and constructions. Galvanizing can occur either before or after wire mesh is manufactured – both in woven form or welded form.

Plain steel wire mesh – available from stock or through custom manufacturing – is strong, durable and magnetic. Oftentimes, it is dark in color, particularly when compared to bright aluminum or stainless steel meshes. Plain steel does not resist corrosion and will rust in most atmospheric conditions; because of this, in certain industries, plain steel wire mesh is a disposable item. In the wire mesh industry, plain steel – or carbon steel, as it sometimes referred to—is a very popular metal that is commonly manufactured in both woven and welded wire mesh specifications.

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