Fitness industry trends by Nick Webdev

Fitness industry trends  by Nick Webdev

Hybrid classes intensive training active aging programs advanced technologies and DNA Testing You can feel these trends in the walls of own gym but wh... - by Nick Webdev | in Tech News

Hybrid classes, intensive training, active aging programs, advanced technologies, and DNA Testing. You can feel these trends in the walls of own gym, but where it all leads?

  1. Wearable Technology & Sports Apps Wearable technologies are ultimate leader in Fitness Trends, unchanged its position since 2016 according to ACSM's WORLDWIDE SURVEY OF FITNESS TRENDS. To be true it exchanged positions with HIIT only once in 2018. We put wearable technologies in line with sports apps due to its complementarity. While wearable technologies track biological measurements, fitness applications help to launch it with workout results and provide combined analytics on both training progress and wellness. So wearable technologies, sports apps and smart fitness equipment are top technology trends in the fitness industry.

  2. High-Intensity Interval Training HIIT is a top-charter in health and fitness industry trends since 2014. Intense workout on cardio and strength facilities alternating with short periods of rest enables them to exchange higher training intensity for precious time. That’s what busy people living an active life really appreciate. Training results become visible after quite a short period of time. This adds motivation to continue the workout. HIIT has different variations: strength workout, cardio training, and circuit exercises can be split into different programs or combined in one.

  3. Group Training This trend also keeps a strong position in the top 3. Since 2018 gym-goers are forming a strong tendency to gather into communities. They want to use the synergy of group training by being guided by professional trainers and having a healthy competition with other group members. In comparison with past seasons, people in 2019 tend to choose larger groups. Large groups give them a broader field for insights about their own performance and more opportunities for socialization. This is another sign that group training will have a strong position among the other trends in the fitness industry.

  4. Home Workout Here’re two subtrends: live streaming and sports apps. Livestream is conducted from live gym class, so domestic athlete feels involved in real group workout with its competitive spirit and trainer’s cheers up. Fitness Apps are still more convenient in use. Buying a subscription for fitness app users can follow their own schedule. Most of apps functionality includes programs for different levels, calories counter, statistics on performance and health indicators, gps maps and routes, integration with other apps and social media and so on.

  5. Functional Training This trend is not about chasing quick results of burning weight or making body swole. Followers of functional training value smart approach based on accurate exercise performance in order to strengthen those muscles we use the most on a daily basis. This preference is common for older adults who value health more than perfect athletic shape. Functional training improves not only motor control but also breathing and cardiovascular system. This makes Functional Training an attractive option for older adults.

  6. Bodyweight Training This trend is becoming a classic since it never leaves top positions in the survey starting from 2013. Bodyweight Training can be performed with minimum equipment or without it. Physical effort achieves by resistance creating with own body and active repetitive movements. Gym-goers also can do these exercises at work or at home. Personal trainers include bodyweight training into the active rest phase of the training program. It’s easy to perform bodyweight exercises when a person is out of the gym facilities in between training days.

In Conclusion Observing fitness industry trends, we can conclude that fitness motivation takes different directions. Mindful wellness, socialization need, and increase of life expectancy are on the same level as such traditional motivations like weight loss and muscle growth.

fitness industry trends

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