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Lawrence Lesch


JSONHero-web: an Open-source, Beautiful JSON Explorer for The Web


Brought to you by API Hero

JSON Hero was created and is maintained by the team behind API Hero. API Hero makes it quick and easy to add popular APIs to your project using the frameworks you love, and scale without worry.


JSON Hero makes reading and understand JSON files easy by giving you a clean and beautiful UI packed with extra features.

  • View JSON any way you'd like: Column View, Tree View, Editor View, and more.
  • Automatically infers the contents of strings and provides useful previews
  • Creates an inferred JSON Schema that could be used to validate your JSON
  • Quickly scan related values to check for edge cases
  • Search your JSON files (both keys and values)
  • Keyboard accessible
  • Easily sharable URLs with path support

JSON Hero Screenshot


Send to JSON Hero

Send your JSON to JSON Hero in a variety of ways

Head to and Drag and Drop a JSON file, or paste JSON or a JSON url in the provided form

Include a Base64 encoded string of a JSON payload:

Include a JSON URL to the new endpoint:

Install the VS Code extension and open JSON from VS Code

Raycast user? Check out our extension here

Use the unofficial API:

  • Make a POST request to with the following JSON body:

Column view

Inspired by macOS Finder, Column View is a new way to browse a JSON document.

JSON Hero Column View

It has all the features you'd expect: Keyboard navigation, Path bar, history.

It also has a nifty feature that allows you to "hold" a descendent selected and travel up through the hierarchy, and then move between siblings and view the different values found at that path. It's hard to describe, but here is an animation to help demonstrate:

Column View - Traverse with Context

As you can see, holding the Option (or Alt key on Windows) while moving to a parent keeps the part of the document selected and shows it in context of it's surrounding JSON. Then you can traverse between items in an array and compare the values of the selection across deep hierarchy cahnges.

Editor view

View your entire JSON document in an editor, but keep the nice previews and related values you get from the sidebar as you move around the document:

Editor view

Tree view

Use a traditional tree view to traverse your JSON document, with collapsible sections and keyboard shortcuts. All while keeping the nice previews:

Tree view


Quickly open a search panel and fuzzy search your entire JSON file in milliseconds. Searches through key names, key paths, values, and even pretty formatted values (e.g. Searching for "Dec" will find datetime strings in the month of December.)


Content Previews

JSON Hero automatically infers the content of strings and provides useful previews and properties of the value you've selected. It's "Show Don't Tell" for JSON:

Dates and Times

Preview colors

Image URLs

Preview colors

Website URLs

Preview websites

Tweet URLS

Preview tweets


Preview JSON


Preview colors

Related Values

Easily see all the related values across your entire JSON document for a specific field, including any undefined or null values.

Editor view

Bugs and Feature Requests

Have a bug or a feature request? Feel free to open a new issue.

You can also join our Discord channel to hang out and discuss anything you'd like.


To run locally, first clone the repo and install the dependencies:

git clone
cd jsonhero-web
npm install

Then, create a file at the root of the repo called .env and set the SESSION_SECRET value:


Then, run npm run build or npm run dev to build.

Now, run npm start and open your browser to http://localhost:8787

Download Details:

Author: Apihero-run
Source Code: 
License: Apache-2.0 license

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JSONHero-web: an Open-source, Beautiful JSON Explorer for The Web
Tyrique  Littel

Tyrique Littel


An Open-Source Book About the Open Source World

Open source today is a word that often include a lot of things, such as open knowledge (Wikimedia projects), open hardware (Arduino, Raspberry Pi), open formats (ODT/ODS/ODP) and so on.

It is a world of opportunities that can be difficult for newcomers but also for intermediates. This article will help you discover how to approach specific roles, activities or projects/communities in the best way.

Everything Started with “Coaching for OpenSource Communities 2.0”

I decided to write a book in my personal style about my experience in the last 7 to 8 years in open source. I was surprised when I reached 100 pages about various different topics.

My idea was to write something that I would like to read, so nothing that is boring or complicated, but full of real facts.

The second goal was to include my experience but also my philosophy on contributing and how I contribute daily.

Thirdly, I wanted to give a lot of hints and resources and an overall view of this open source world.

Basically, I wanted to write something different from self-help or coaching books that includes just a list of suggestions and best practices. Instead, I take real examples from real life about the OSS world.

As a contributor and developer, I prefer to have real cases to study, because best practices are useful, but we need to learn from others and this world is full of good and bad cases to discover.

In 2019, I started writing a book after Fosdem 2019 and after 2 years inside the Mozilla Reps Council. In that Fosdem edition, I had a talk “Coaching for Open Source Communities 2.0” and after the feedback at the conference and my thoughts in various roles, activities, and projects, it was time to write something.

At the end it wasn’t a manual but a book that included my experience, learnings, best practices and so on in Localization, Development, Project Maintainer, Sysadmin, Community Management, Mentor, Speaker and so on. It contains the following sections:

  • Biography - This choice isn’t for self promotion but just to understand my point of view and my story that can be inspiring for others
  • Philosophy - Not the usual description of Open Source or the 4 freedoms, but just what Open Source means and how you can help
  • How to live inside the Open Source - A discovery about communications and tools, understanding the various kind of people and the best way to talk with your community
  • How to choose a project - Starting with some questions to yourself and how to involve more people in your project
  • The activity - Open Source is based on tasks that can be divided in 2 levels: Support, Testing, Marketing, Development etc
  • How to use your time - We are busy, we have a life, a job and a family but Open Source can be time-consuming
  • Why document is important - How writing documentation can be healthy for your community and the project’s future and brand

There are also three appendices that are manuals which I wrote throughout the years and gathered and improved for this book. They are about: community management, public speaking, and mentoring.

The book ends with my point of view about the future and what we have to do to change opinions about those topics.

I wrote this book and published in October 2019, but it was only possible with the help of reviews and localizers that improved and contributed. Yes, because this book is open source and free for everyone.

I picked the GPL license because this license changed the world and my life in the best way. Using this license is just a tribute. This decision usually is not clear because after all this is a book and there are better licenses like Creative Commons.

#open-source #contributing-to-open-source #programming #software-development #development #coding #books #open-source-software

Ray  Patel

Ray Patel


Top 8 Java Open Source Projects You Should Get Your Hands-on [2021]

Learning about Java is no easy feat. It’s a prevalent and in-demand programming language with applications in numerous sectors. We all know that if you want to learn a new skill, the best way to do so is through using it. That’s why we recommend working on projects.

So if you’re a Java student, then you’ve come to the right place as this article will help you learn about the most popular Java open source projects. This way, you’d have a firm grasp of industry trends and the programming language’s applications.

However, before we discuss its various projects, it’s crucial to examine the place where you can get those projects – GitHub. Let’s begin.

#full stack development #java open source projects #java projects #open source projects #top 8 java open source projects #java open source projects

Houston  Sipes

Houston Sipes


Did Google Open Sourcing Kubernetes Backfired?

Over the last few years, Kubernetes have become the de-facto standard for container orchestration and has also won the race against Docker for being the most loved platforms among developers. Released in 2014, Kubernetes has come a long way with currently being used across the entire cloudscape platforms. In fact, recent reports state that out of 109 tools to manage containers, 89% of them are leveraging Kubernetes versions.

Although inspired by Borg, Kubernetes, is an open-source project by Google, and has been donated to a vendor-neutral firm — The Cloud Native Computing Foundation. This could be attributed to Google’s vision of creating a platform that can be used by every firm of the world, including the large tech companies and can host multiple cloud platforms and data centres. The entire reason for handing over the control to CNCF is to develop the platform in the best interest of its users without vendor lock-in.

#opinions #google open source #google open source tools #google opening kubernetes #kubernetes #kubernetes platform #kubernetes tools #open source kubernetes backfired

Brandon  Adams

Brandon Adams


What is JSON? | JSON Objects and JSON Arrays | Working with JSONs Tutorial

In this video, we work with JSONs, which are a common data format for most web services (i.e. APIs). Thank you for watching and happy coding!

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What is an API?

JSON Google Extension

Endpoint Example,+NY

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Edison  Stark

Edison Stark


Hacktoberfest 2020: Let’s Get Hacking

It’s October and we’re calling all programmers, designers, content writers and open-source contributors to join Hacktoberfest 2020. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to open-source or try your hand at something new.

For those who are new to programming or open-source, you may be wondering what is open-source or Hacktoberfest.

_Open source_refers to source code that is publicly accessible and allows anyone to inspect, modify, or learn from it. Open source projects encourage collaboration and the freedom to use the software for any purpose you wish._Hacktoberfest_is a month-long celebration of open source software run by DigitalOcean and is open to everyonein our global community.

Seven years ago, Hacktoberfest kick-started the celebration along with 676 excited participants contributing to open source projects and earning a limited-edition T-shirt. Now, hundreds of thousands of developers participate in Hacktoberfest from 150 countries.

If you want to contribute to open-source projects, but don’t know where to start, then Hacktoberfest is the perfect opportunity for you.

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software sponsored by Digital Ocean, Intel, and DEV.

The goal of the event is to encourage participation in the open-source community all across the globe. The challenge is quite simple: open four high-quality pull requests in October on any open source project to get some swag.

Swag you say?

If you complete valid 4prs, you stand to get a T-shirt, some stickers and a cup coaster (I got one last year, I’m not sure if they’ll be doing it this year also).

They also introduced the option to plant a tree instead of receiving a T-shirt as a reward to reduce the environmental impact.

#hacktoberfest #github #git #open-source #opensource #contributing-to-open-source #open-source-contribution #first-open-source-contribution