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CSS Pseudo Elements - CSS Full Tutorial

In this lesson we look at CSS Pseudo Elements. Pseudo Elements are useful when we want to easily style specific elements or parts of elements, such as the first letter or first line.

Using CSS :target Pseudo-Class To Toggle Element Display

The other day, I was listening - I think - to the ShopTalk Show podcast when they mentioned the :target CSS pseudo-class. I had never heard of this CSS selector before; but, apparently, it allows you to target an element whose id attribute matches the URL fragment. This CSS selector is sometimes used as JavaScript-free means to hide and show elements based on the user's interactions. This piqued my curiosity and I wanted to see if I could revamp my recent position: sticky demo to use the :target CSS selector to hide and show a user's membership details.

Text Pseudo Elements in CSS | CSS Drop Cap Effect

Welcome, what are text-related pseudo-class selectors/elements in CSS? ::first-letter – Selects the first letter of the text in the element.

CSS ::before and ::after Pseudo-Elements

CSS has two pseudo-elements that allow you to actually create and inject new content into the HTML without JavaScript. The term pseudo-element refers to bloc...