How to Learn Azure from Beginner Level?

How to Learn Azure from Beginner Level?

SSDN Technologies provides best Azure Training in Bangalore. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Training delivered by Microsoft Certified Training. Join Now!

You can’t master Azure and cloud administration in only a couple of days. You need ongoing training, tools and resources to guide you thru every new cloud obstacle and update.

New Horizons’ Azure learning-as-a-service allows you to find out Azure at your own pace. This robust, blended learning option gives you access to virtual instructor-led training, Microsoft-produced online content, articles, custom eBooks and on-demand mentoring services.

Choose from three professional tracks — Fundamentals, Core and Advanced — to accelerate your career in Azure. With the Microsoft Azure Professional Track, you’ll get on your thanks to becoming a seasoned Azure pro and obtain the foremost out of your IT investment.

Beyond learning the basics of Azure, core workload, networking and key security measures , Azure learning-as-a-service also equips you with the talents to:

  • Scale storage without spending a fortune
  • Enable remote access while protecting business data
  • Confidently protect your cloud business
  • Handle unexpected cloud challenges
  • And much more

As the global leader in IT training solutions, New Horizons training is meant to satisfy the stress and wishes of scholars , departments and enterprise organizations. Azure learning-as-a-service is that the most flexible thanks to learn Azure — perfect for any busy IT professional. By choosing this Microsoft-authorized educational program , you’ll receive the foremost up-to-date and robust Azure training available.

If you want to learn azure from scratch then Join SSDN Technologies for the best azure training in bangalore. They are known for providing top quality service to the clients. Their training sessions include:

  • Training from Industry Expert.
  • PDFs, PPTs based study Material
  • Azure Lab @100 USD
  • AZ-900 Certification
  • Exam Preparation kit
  • Standard/Microsoft official Courseware.
  • Training completion certificate.

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