Import Data from Excel into MySQL using Python

Import Data from Excel into MySQL using Python

In this blog i will explain how to import data from Excel file into MySQL. Let’s see the implementation in Python.

In this blog i will explain how to import data from Excel file into MySQL. Let’s see the implementation in Python.

Python Module Used:

  • pymysql : pyMySQL is a python library for connecting to a MySQL database server from Python.This module has lots of features like it mad CRUD operations simple.

To use this library you need to install. For installation use below command

pip install PyMySQL

If you want to know more pymysql then refer pyMySQL documentations using below link


  • xlrd : xlrd is a python library for reading data and formatting information from Excel file.

To install this library use below command:

pip install xlrd

For more follow xlrd documentations.


Let’s Code:

  • In order to use these libraries we need to import first,so let’s import first.

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