How I Learned JavaScript for Free

How I Learned JavaScript for Free

JavaScript for Free. How to learn JavaScript step by step. MDN JavaScript · Learn-JS. Where to start learning JavaScript? Introduction to JavaScript course is great for JavaScript itself. I started learning JavaScript in general.

Free courses, videos, resources that you can use.

The sources below refer to JavaScript. I won’t talk about libraries or frameworks here. There are many interesting materials for learning JavaScript, so I suspect that this is only the first part of your learning journey. You can look for more. All of today’s content is available for free.

Where to start learning JavaScript?

I always recommend Codecademy. Their courses are really great for beginners and allow you to get used to the code. In addition, the Introduction to JavaScript course is great for JavaScript itself. It was from this course that I started learning JavaScript in general. I also had a pro version of the platform to do all the projects included in the program of this course, and I was happy.

What makes this course special?

First of all, the cool thing is that you actually do projects that show what JavaScript can be used for. Then, after processing the material, I repeatedly recreated these projects in my field. I.e., when I had no idea how to practice coding, I looked for inspiration in Codecademy tasks and tried to recreate them myself, locally on my computer. I think it works very well at the beginning of learning because we always have the opportunity to suspect a solution, and at the same time, we learn how to solve problems ourselves.

The second course I recommend for beginners is the one available at FreeCodeCamp.

Here we learn JavaScript in parallel with HTML and CSS, and it’s a really nice combination. I really liked the fact that we work with the application right away. First, we make HTML code for it, then CSS, and then we add JavaScript. Thanks to this, you can see exactly how the project is being worked on.

As we are at FreeCodeCamp, I have to mention another great course! One of the developers of FreeCodeCamp released this free JavaScript basics course. Literally everything you need to know to get you started. Their video is great to watch, and they explain the basic issues very well. So if you have a moment and don’t necessarily want to read about a topic, sometimes it’s good to hear about it.

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