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Top 5 Best OLM to PST Converter Software in 2023

If you use a Mac, you probably already know that OLM files are used by Outlook for Mac to store data because the Windows operating system does not support OLM files. As a result, you must convert the OLM file into another file type, such as PST, EML, MSG, etc., in order to access it in Windows for Outlook. Additionally, in order to open OLM file on Windows Outlook if a user is switching from Mac to Windows, they must do the OML conversion. Users occasionally get into circumstances where they need to convert OLM files into other formats for client and professional needs. Therefore, we're going to give you access to the 5 best OLM to PST converter software for Windows and Mac in this blog.

Therefore, let's begin.

List of Top 5 Best OLM to PST Converter Software for Windows

In the section below, we've ranked the top programs for securely and reliably converting OLM files. Any of them can be chosen based on your preference.

  1. Advik OLM to PST Converter Tool
  2. Xtraxtor OLM to PST Converter
  3. Yota OLM to PST Converter
  4. Sysconverter for OLM
  5. BitRecover OLM to PST Converter

Let's go through the explanation of each method in more detail;

1. Advik OLM to PST Converter Tool

The first option in the list of best OLM to PST Converter Software is the Advik OLM to PST Converter Tool, which is considered one of the greatest OLM to PST converters. It provides a number of features to make OLM file conversion simple and efficient for users.


  • Without any issues, it can export data from broken or corrupt OLM files.
  • Both Outlook 2019 and all earlier versions are supported by the program.
  • Before exporting your finished work into the format of your choice, you can also preview it.
  • Maintains the original mailbox hierarchy and data integrity for your OLM file.
  • Offers an intuitive user interface to convert OLM to PST manually.
  • Additionally, the program has been made up of advanced technology that is compatible with every version of Microsoft Windows.

2. Xtraxtor OLM to PST Converter

The ideal tool for exporting OLM files is the Xtraxtor OLM to PST Converter Tool. It provides users with the option to convert OLM file data to other file formats, including PDF, MBOX, EML, EMLX, MSG, PST, HTML, MHT, and TXT. Furthermore, this program is among the best OLM to PST converters available.


  • It can move OML files to email clients including Thunderbird, Office 365, Live Exchange Server, Yahoo, and Gmail.
  • Allows for the bulk conversion of OLM files into several file formats.
  • The date and Task Range Filter is available to export only the desired period's data.
  • No file size limitations apply while converting OLM files.

3. Yota OLM to PST Converter

The Yota OLM to PST Converter Tool is the best option if you need to convert OLM files. It offers a wealth of services that draw people to a sizable platform. One of the greatest OLM to PST converters, it can convert objects from an Outlook OLM mailbox into a variety of file types, including PST, PDF, HTML, EMLX, MBOX, and more.


  • The OLM file migration software allows users to move OLM files into a variety of email clients, including
  • Thunderbird, Live Exchange, Outlook Web App, IMAP, Zoho Mail, Yandex Mail, and Zoho Mail.
  • To resolve problems with huge PST files, the software offers an option to split the resulting PST file into multiple smaller files.
  • Supports all Windows OS versions

4. Sysconverter for OLM

The best OLM file conversion experience may be had using the Sysconverter for OLM. The best and most trustworthy OLM to PST converter is this one. Users of the tool can convert OLM files to formats including PDF, PST, DOC, DOCX, EML, and MSG.


  • The program allows for the direct export of OLM files to clients for Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, and Outlook.
  • Removes duplicate emails from the resulting file using a built-in function.
  • Without Attachment Files, you can still migrate or backup your inbox emails.

5. Bitrecover OLM Converter

For Mac users, Bitrecover OLM Converter is a very dependable program. It enables you to convert OML files into a variety of file formats, including PDF, PST, EML, MSG, TXT, HTML, MBOX, DOC, and CSV. The OML conversion can be done using the tool completely risk-free and securely.


  • It can send items from Mac Outlook OLM files directly to Office 365, Yahoo, Gmail, and other email services.
  • Support for OLM file bulk migration
  • Enables the backup of OML files, both with and without attachments.
  • It is considered the best OLM for PST Converter for Mac users.


The Best OLM to PST Converter Software for Windows and Mac is covered in the article above. The top converter programs for converting OML data files to other file formats and email clients are all of them. However, we advise using Microsoft Outlook.

For the finest conversion experience, use the OLM Converter tool. Additionally, you can explore the functionality and dependability of the apps by using their demo versions to convert OLM to PST for free.

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Top 5 Best OLM to PST Converter Software in 2023
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Conversor OLM para PST para converter ou exportar Mac OLM para Outlook PST

O usuário agora pode converter seus arquivos OLM para o formato do Outlook sem instalar o MS Outlook facilmente, instalando o OLM para PST Converter. O conversor é capaz de converter seus arquivos OLM, incluindo e-mails, notas, contatos e muitos outros arquivos em uma velocidade rápida e sem erros. O aplicativo fornece uma conversão perfeita. Além disso, ele gera uma visualização enquanto você seleciona os arquivos OLM para conversão, isso é feito para você verificar se os arquivos selecionados estão íntegros e não corrompidos. Além disso, você pode converter quantos arquivos desejar.

Será mais fácil para cada usuário converter seus arquivos OLM para o formato Outlook, pois o aplicativo oferece a seus usuários a conversão de quantos arquivos OLM desejarem, sem qualquer obrigação. Nenhuma perda de dados é feita por este aplicativo. Além disso, você pode usar este aplicativo notável em qualquer versão do seu aplicativo Windows. Não há restrição quanto ao tamanho ou número de arquivos a serem escolhidos para a tarefa de conversão. Você tem permissão para converter vários arquivos OLM de uma só vez com este aplicativo incrível.

Quais são as etapas para converter arquivos OLM para o formato PST?

Existem alguns passos a serem seguidos por cada usuário para a conversão perfeita de seus arquivos OLM para o formato PST do Outlook. Abaixo estão as etapas para converter seus arquivos OLM para o formato do Outlook. Siga esses passos:

Etapa 1- Baixe o aplicativo em seu aplicativo do Windows.
Etapa 2 - Agora, inicie o aplicativo.
Etapa 3- Selecione os arquivos OLM que você precisa converter.
Etapa 4 - Visualize os arquivos OLM selecionados.
Etapa 5 - Escolha o destino onde deseja salvar seus arquivos OLM convertidos.
Etapa 6 - Clique no botão “Converter agora”.

Assim que você clicar no botão “converter agora”, o conversor converterá seus arquivos OLM para o formato Outlook.

Além disso, o aplicativo também fornece um instantâneo dessas etapas para que nenhum usuário encontre qualquer tipo de obstáculo ao converter seus arquivos OLM.

Recursos do aplicativo que vão te impressionar!

O aplicativo é muito favorável e, portanto, fornece muitos recursos para os usuários realizarem a tarefa de conversão. Abaixo estão os recursos da ferramenta Conversor OLM para PST:

Converter todos os dados
O aplicativo é versátil e, portanto, é capaz de converter todos os seus arquivos OLM. Porém, os arquivos corrompidos ou que apresentam qualquer outro tipo de problema não são convertidos. Isso é feito para fornecer a você um resultado de conversão saudável de seus arquivos OLM.

Conversão sem erros
Não importa quantos arquivos você escolheu para conversão ou qual é o tamanho do arquivo OLM, o conversor irá converter todos os seus arquivos OLM de uma maneira perfeita. Além disso, não compromete com o tempo, o que significa que mesmo vários arquivos são mantidos para conversão, o resultado convertido será fornecido a você o mais rápido possível em apenas alguns minutos.

Visualização selecionada
Os arquivos que você selecionou são os únicos que são visualizados pelo aplicativo. A visualização dos arquivos é concedida aos usuários para que possam verificar se os arquivos selecionados estão corrompidos ou não.

Grande compatibilidade
Este aplicativo avançado tem grande compatibilidade, o aplicativo é compatível com qualquer sistema operacional Mac e Windows. Os arquivos OLM de qualquer versão do Mac são suportados pelo aplicativo.

Fácil de lidar
O aplicativo fornece uma GUI inteligente e uma interface de usuário amigável, portanto, o aplicativo é fácil de manusear. O usuário sem nenhuma habilidade proficiente também pode usar o aplicativo e converter seus arquivos OLM para o formato PST do Outlook.

Verificação dos arquivos
Os arquivos selecionados e os arquivos OLM convertidos são verificados corretamente para detectar se há algum tipo de dano causado.

Declaração final

O Datavare Conversor OLM para PST é uma maneira inteligente de converter todos os seus arquivos OLM para o formato PST do Outlook, pois o aplicativo não apenas converte seus arquivos, mas também detecta se há algum tipo de arquivo corrompido. Além disso, o aplicativo é altamente compatível e aceita arquivos OLM de qualquer versão do Mac, podendo ser utilizado em qualquer uma das versões do Windows.

Os usuários podem usar a versão demo disponível antes de comprar a versão licenciada deste aplicativo.

Mais informações:-

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OLM till PST Converter för att konvertera eller exportera Mac OLM till Outlook PST

Att konvertera OLM-filerna manuellt kräver mycket tid, för att spara tid och göra omvandlingen utan problem kan användare ladda ner denna OLM till PST-omvandlare och därmed spara sina ansträngningar. Denna OLM till PST-omvandlare kan konvertera vilken mängd OLM-filer som helst till PST-format utan storleksproblem. Ingen dataförlust eller felplacering görs under hela konverteringsprocessen.

Känn om den smarta omvandlaren

Denna fantastiska programvara har några fantastiska fördelar som gör den unik från alla andra OLM till PST-omvandlare. Några av punkterna nämns nedan som berättar om den här fantastiska programvaran.

  • All data inklusive kalender, anteckningar, e-postmeddelanden och många andra data konverteras till Outlook PST-format utan risk.
  • Förhandsgranskning av OLM-databasen produceras enkelt av denna smarta omvandlare
  • Hierarkin för mapparna är väl underhållna för effektiv konvertering
  • Med hjälp av den här fantastiska omvandlaren kan användaren konvertera vilken mängd OLM-filer som helst till PST-format utan problem eller dataförlust eller någon annan begränsning relaterad till storlek
  • Applikationen stöds väl av alla Windows-versioner
  • Användare kan konvertera alla valda objekt.
  • Kan konvertera så många filer utan att ens installera MS Outlook
  • Kan användas av både användare och företag.

Vet om aspekterna

Varje applikation du använder har några funktioner som berättar om programvaran. Kolla nu några av de fantastiska funktionerna i denna OLM till PST-omvandlare som ges nedan:

  1. Konvertera Mac Outlook-data
    Applikationen kan alla data som e-post, meddelanden, anteckningar och många fler utan avbrott från OLM till Outlook PST utan några hinder. Användare kan välja data som de vill konvertera eller så kan applikationen automatiskt konvertera data till Outlook PST-format.
  2. Full noggrannhet**
    Applikationen tillhandahåller konverteringsuppgiften på bara några minuter och med 100% noggrannhet utan dataförlust eller dataskada.
  3. Ett förhandsgranskningsalternativ gratis
    Omvandlaren ger ett förhandsgranskningsalternativ så att användare kan kontrollera de OLM-filer som de konverterar. Detta förhandsgranskningsalternativ är tillgängligt gratis. Användare kan kontrollera objekten igen med hjälp av detta smarta förhandsgranskningsalternativ.
  4. 100% kompatibilitet
    Applikationen är 100% kompatibel och så kan applikationen köras på alla Windowsoperativsystem inklusive XP eller Vista.

Avslutande uttalande

Applikationen är lämplig för alla användare inklusive hem- eller företagsarbete. Applikationen har hög kompatibilitetshastighet och ger ett 100% exakt resultat utan problem. En gratis Datavare OLM till PST-importör tillhandahålls också för användarna som tillhandahåller 10 artiklar per mapp för konvertering. Ladda ner den här smarta omvandlaren och spara din dyrbara tid.

Mer information:-

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OST to PST Converter Free to Convert OST to PST Online

When the exchange server is synchronised with MS Outlook then, automatically a copy of its mailboxes will be generated in OST (Offline Storage Table) file format. The user can access OST data in the offline mode and work on them. The changes will get updated when the internet connectivity is re-established. OST files cannot be accessed in the other system or remote system. So to access the OST files in another system Outlook, then convert Outlook OST to PST format. Due to various reasons for which users’ want to convert OST to PST file format such as the Exchange might face some technical issues, downtime or crash. How to convert OST to PST in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010? Well, in this blog, we will discuss both manual as well as the professional best OST to PST Converter online solution.
For better understanding of users’, we have listed some common reasons below.

Why There is a Need to Export OST to PST Outlook?

Before providing methods to the query “how to convert OST file to PST in outlook 2016”, first understand why users’ need to convert OST to PST. Some of the basic reasons are provided below.

  • When the Exchange server is under maintenance.
  • Accidental deletion of the Exchange server account.
  • Virus or Malware attacks.
  • Power Failures or intrusions by malicious software.

These are a few reasons for Outlook OST to PST conversion. Now let’s proceed ahead to different methods to convert OST to PST online.

How to Convert OST to PST in Outlook 2016 Manually?

Manual strategies are cost-effective methods and here, we will discuss the complete manual steps for OST to PST conversion. Before starting the steps, it is suggested to create a backup copy of the original data as there might be a risk of human error that can ultimately lead to severe data loss. How to convert OST to PST manually? Follow the methods provided below -

Method 1: Import/ Export Feature

  1. Open your Microsoft Outlook program.
  2. Click on the File tab.
  3. Select the Import/Export option.
  4. Click on Export to a file.
  5. Press the Next button.
  6. Now Select the Personal File folder (.pst).
  7. Click on the Parent root.
  8. Check on the include subfolders
  9. Click on browse and navigate to the path to save the resultant data.
  10. Click on the finish button.

Method 2: Use Outlook Archive Feature

  1. Sign-in to Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Go to the File section
  3. Click on Options
  4. Now, click on the Advanced section
  5. Click on Auto Archive settings…
  6. Navigate to the path to save the archived files.
  7. Click on the OK button.


  • Manual Processes are lengthy and more time-consuming.
  • Need connectivity with the Exchange server.
  • Unable to export corrupt OST data.
  • Outlook application installation is required.
  • Feasible for small sized OST files only.
  • High risk of data loss.

How to Convert OST to PST in Outlook 2016 Using DRS OST to PST Converter

To avoid all the limitations that we have already seen above with the conventional manual techniques, users can opt for a well known and reliable automated method for conversion. There are numerous third-party solutions available to convert OST to PST, however it is suggested to use a trusted software. Using the smart DRS Best OST to PST Converter online utility that allows to export OST to PST, MBOX, MSG, EML, PDF, CSV, HTML, Gmail, Yandex mail, Yahoo, Office 365, etc. It can easily open corrupt OST files and convert them to healthy PST. The tool even allows users to smoothly export all the mailbox items like attachments, calendar, contacts, journals, tasks, etc. There are no file size restrictions and no risk of severe data loss. The advanced software is compatible with all versions of Mac and Windows. The free OST to PST Converter online version allows to export 50 emails for free.


Above in this blog, we have discussed the recommended solutions by experts on the query “how to convert OST to PST in Outlook 2016”. At the end of this article, we can conclude that manual strategies have several limitations, so it is suggested to use the well known DRS OST to PST Converter for an effective, accurate and effortless conversion.

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Wie konvertiere ich OLM-Dateien mit hoher Geschwindigkeit in das PST-Format?

Das manuelle Konvertieren der OLM-Dateien erfordert viel Zeit. Um Zeit zu sparen und die Konvertierung mühelos durchzuführen, können Benutzer diesen OLM-PST-Konverter herunterladen und so ihren Aufwand sparen. Dieser Benutzer des OLM-zu-PST-Konverters kann eine beliebige Anzahl von OLM-Dateien ohne Größenprobleme in das PST-Format konvertieren. Während des gesamten Konvertierungsprozesses werden keine Datenverluste oder Datenfehlstellungen vorgenommen.

Kennen Sie den Smart Converter

Diese erstaunliche Software hat einige erstaunliche Vorteile, die sie von jedem anderen OLM-PST-Konverter einzigartig machen. Einige der Punkte sind unten aufgeführt, die Sie über diese erstaunliche Software informieren.

  • All the data including calendar, notes, emails, and many other data are converted into Outlook PST format without any hazard.
  • Preview of OLM database is easily produced by this smart converter
  • The hierarchy of the folders are well maintained for the efficient conversion
  • With the help of this amazing converter, user can convert any amount of OLM files into PST format without any issue or data loss, or any other restriction related to size
  • The application is well supported by all Windows versions
  • Users can convert any selected items.
  • Can convert as many files without even installing MS Outlook
  • Can be used by both users that is home and business.

Kennen Sie die Aspekte

Jede Anwendung, die Sie verwenden, verfügt über einige Funktionen, die Sie über die Software informieren. Schauen Sie sich nun einige der erstaunlichen Funktionen dieses OLM-PST-Konverters an, die unten aufgeführt sind:

1. Konvertieren Sie Mac Outlook-Daten
Die Anwendung kann alle einzelnen Daten wie E-Mails, Nachrichten, Notizen und vieles mehr ohne Unterbrechung von OLM zu Outlook PST ohne Hürde unterbrechen. Benutzer können die Daten auswählen, die sie konvertieren möchten, oder die Anwendung kann die Daten automatisch in das Outlook PST-Format konvertieren.

2. Volle Genauigkeit
Die Anwendung bietet die Konvertierungsaufgabe in nur wenigen Minuten und mit 100% iger Genauigkeit ohne Datenverlust oder Datenbeschädigung.

3. Eine kostenlose Vorschauoption
Der Konverter bietet eine Vorschauoption, mit der Benutzer die OLM-Dateien überprüfen können, die sie konvertieren. Diese Vorschauoption ist kostenlos verfügbar. Benutzer können die Elemente mithilfe dieser intelligenten Vorschauoption erneut überprüfen.

4. 100% Kompatibilität
Die Anwendung ist zu 100% kompatibel und kann daher auf jedem Windows-Betriebssystem einschließlich XP oder Vista ausgeführt werden.

Abschließende Aussage

Die Anwendung ist für alle Benutzer geeignet, einschließlich Heim- oder Geschäftsarbeit. Die Anwendung hat eine hohe Kompatibilitätsgeschwindigkeit und liefert ohne Probleme ein 100% genaues Ergebnis. Für Benutzer wird außerdem ein kostenloser Datavare OLM zu PST Importeur bereitgestellt, der 10 Elemente pro Ordner zur Konvertierung bereitstellt. Laden Sie diesen intelligenten Konverter herunter und sparen Sie wertvolle Zeit.

Mehr Info:-

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