What Do We Require For The Best Grocery App Development?

What Do We Require For The Best Grocery App Development?

Start an on-demand grocery delivery business with our white-label Instacart clone app development service. Launch an Instacart like app today!

The essentials are easily accessible with the touch of a thumb via a smartphone. The world is shifting towards a situation where everything from grocery shopping to shopping for fashion can be made through a mobile app. Uber has revolutionized the on-demand sector. This change caused a rising need for on-demand apps. People prefer to get their services easily, quickly, and with convenience. To fulfil the grocery needs of the customer, App like Instacart come into play. Instacart clone is a food delivery solution that offers you an opportunity to take your business to the next level. However, to create the best grocery app, make sure you include attractive features and intuitive UI to captivate the customers.

How can you attract a huge customer base to your business?

The Instacart like app development solution can have certain splendid features to increase operational efficiency and streamline your business process.

Customer App

The customer app can have features that offer a user-friendly and happy shopping experience. Some of the features that can be integrated with the app are,

  • Access multiple stores: This option facilitates customers to access all the registered stores in their locality from one convenient app.
  • Search & Filter: Customers can quickly find the items they look for by applying filters to enhance their search.
  • ETA details: Once the customer places an order, they can be provided with the time estimate for the grocery order to reach their doorsteps.
  • Real-time order tracking: The customers can track their orders in real-time once it is out for delivery.
  • Instant Notifications: Customers can get regular updates regarding the status of the ordered items through push notifications.

Delivery Person App

  • Multiple orders: Delivery persons can be provided with the facility to pick up multiple orders along the same route to cater to customers more efficiently.
  • In-app Call: It facilitates the delivery person to contact the customer or vendor at any time through the app.
  • GPS navigation: The GPS navigation feature can guide the delivery person to the store and customer location with ease.

Store App

  • Organize inventory: The store vendor can display the available items that facilitate the customer to find the things they are looking for easily. They can even provide information on when the items will be restocked.
  • Track Delivery: The store owner can track the location of the delivery person and get details regarding the time of pick-up of the delivery person so that they can have the order prepared.
  • In-app communication: The store owner can contact the customers or delivery person for any queries regarding the order or delivery.

Admin Panel

  • Informative dashboard: Admins can view and access the entire operations from one convenient, easy to access location.
  • History: This feature can provide admin to view detailed information on all previous orders of the users made through the app.

Pandemic Induced Safety Features

You can add innovative features in your grocery delivery app clone to ensure the safety of the individuals in the current pandemic time.

  • Disabling COD: Disabling Cash On Delivery option can prevent the spread of the virus through money exchange besides encouraging the customers to pay using any of the payment methods available in the app.
  • Selfie Screening: Delivery executives can take the delivery request after the app verifies they are wearing masks & gloves by uploading their selfies into the app.
  • High-Touch surface details: The app can offer a detailed guide to instruct the app users on how to disinfect the covers, packages of the grocery orders they receive.

How Do You Earn Revenue From Your Business?

The app is all set with attractive front-end design and robust back-end development, but you have got to plan on the ways by which you can make revenue from your app. Below listed are some of the charges you can impose to add money into your wallet.

  • Commission fee: The business owners can mandate a percentage as a commission fee for every transaction that is made through the app.
  • Delivery fee: You can inflict a delivery fee on the customer’s total order value, which adds to your revenue.
  • Subscription fee: You can entitle your customers by providing certain imperative features on a subscription model for which they can subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis by paying some amount.

Final Note,

Having perfected the art of mobile app development over the years, Turnkey Town offers you the best grocery delivery app clone solution to astonish your rivals in no matter of time!

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