Biz4Intellia’s Milk Level Monitoring Solution

Biz4Intellia’s Milk Level Monitoring Solution

![This is image title]( "This is image title") Smart implementation strategies are being readily proposed in the dairy sector to strengthen the milk levels and improve decision making...

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Smart implementation strategies are being readily proposed in the dairy sector to strengthen the milk levels and improve decision making for the plant managers. The dairy sector consists of differently shaped vats and silos to store the milk in huge quantities. These storage containers require frequent maintenance and proper supervision to maintain the required milk levels and quality. Also, to keep track of the stock and check the amount of milk for future supplies, plant authorities need some innovative solutions. Thus, it becomes mandatory for the managers to stay updated with every increase or decrease in milk quantities.

To check the milk levels in hugely constructed silos or vats, Biz4Intellia has come up with a brand-new milk level monitoring solution. It is an IoT-powered advanced solution that aims to provide accurate fluid levels by using the SONAR technology. This system is equipped with the latest sensor devices to capture relevant information with accuracy. Biz4Intellia’s milk level monitoring solution is a one stop platform to manage all the possible desk work through a smart gadget and keep a live check on the milk levels.

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