How to Get Data from the Twitter API in JavaScript

How to Get Data from the Twitter API in JavaScript

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to get data from the Twitter API in JavaScript. Learn how to use the Twitter API in conjunction with JavaScript. The Best Path to using the Twitter API with JavaScript in 5 Clear Steps

The Best Path to using the Twitter API with JavaScript in 5 Clear Steps

Twitter is a popular social media platform where users can share their views, ideas, and read posts from other users on a variety of topics. We’ll look at how to use the Twitter API in conjunction with JavaScript in this blog post.

Researchers, developers, bloggers, and people from many fields use Twitter for data gathering. You can find a well-written blog on how to create a developer’s account for Twitter’s API. In that blog, all the parameters and filters are mentioned that one can use with Twitter’s Standard Search API.

Before you look at how to use Twitter API using JavaScript, I suggest going through that blog and getting a basic idea about the Twitter Search API. You can find the official documentation of the API here.

Rather than using any package or library wrapped around Twitter API, we will use the core Fetch library to get the desired data from Twitter. We are not using any module that is wrapped around the Twitter API such as twitter-v2 and twitter-lite. The reason for this is to make you understand how to use the core Twitter API and also to give you a basic knowledge of the Fetch and Axios libraries.

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