Tensorflow vs. PyTorch: A Detailed Comparison

Tensorflow vs. PyTorch: A Detailed Comparison

TensorFlow and PyTorch are two of the most popular deep learning frameworks for the Python programming language. This aricle provides a detailed comparison of TensorFlow vs PyTorch. Do you know about this comparison yet? Read this article to expand your knowledge right away.

Tensorflow vs. PyTorch: A Detailed Comparison

Deep learning is a common technique of solving real-world problems using human-like computers.

Deep learning tasks involve the creation of special brain-like architectures known as artificial neural networks.

To help develop such architectures, various Python frameworks for performing deep learning tasks have been developed, making it easier to build and train diversified artificial neural networks.

The two most popular frameworks for performing deep learning tasks are TensorFlow and PyTorch.

If you've ever done a deep learning task, you must have heard about the above terms.

Maybe, you've been trying to figure out which one to choose, or you're just starting your deep learning journey and you're asking yourself this question...

"Which one is better?"

This forms the subject of discussion in this tutorial.

I'll be resolving all your doubts about these two popular frameworks and help you choose the one that suits your needs.

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