4 Secret Ways That BPOs Use To Improve Customer Satisfaction

4 Secret Ways That BPOs Use To Improve Customer Satisfaction

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To make customers happy, BPOs deploy feedback strategy to ascertain what they like, prefer and which point motivates them to incline to a brand.

BPOs To Deal With Bottlenecks

An interesting fact proves that 24% of workers prefer to give up their jobs if their manager provides inappropriate performance feedback. They won’t carry out working under the manager who does not evaluate them rightly. For the company, it’s a destructive sign. What if a mass resigns due to this reason?

Certainly, the production will suffer a lot, disturbing overall profitability. So, it’s always preferred to have positive reviews, be it for an individual or an organisation. Besides, this is the time when most of the brands are making way to digital platforms. These are where around 70% of consumers check reviews much before investing in a business deal. If they find “not so good sayings” about your products or services, they bounce out and start looking for a better alternative. The reason can be no personalized attention or support, underestimating customers for being congested with demands and workloads.

This is where you seriously need to look into the advantages of BPOs. It’s a short for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). This is the best alternative to quickly sort out bottlenecks, uprooting inefficiencies that cause delays and hike production costs.

Feedbacks for Customer Grievances

Feedbacks are strong reactions that you receive from your customers upon servicing. These prove constructive as well as destructive when it comes to building up an opinion about something or someone. You can have a big exposure across the globe for being rated high by your customers. This is going to be more effective than an online marketing campaign.

BPOs can help you to bridge the gap between you and your customers, taking their feedbacks into account so that further steps can be taken to boost up their satisfaction.

Four Ways To Get Reviews

Here is a roundup of four ways that BPOs have expertise in providing the outcome to you without getting distracted from the core practices.

• Customer Preferences

These preferences are expectations, likes, dislikes, inclinations and motivations that actually move customers to purchase or run away. Once you know about them, figuring out customer’s need is much easier, as you know his behavior in the context of a particular style, brand or colour or quality.

A close and thorough observation of the web journey can get you to know about what he is interested in. You can monitor the comment sections of the blog posts, engaging conversations and the output of the post-sale surveys. Once you have come across all these details, you would have a deep insight. This insight can assist you to strategies that can convert them in the next attempt.

• Sales Feedback

A sales leader knows how to get going with constructive feedbacks that actually build the trust among staff members. In addition, the sales feedback solicits the best advice, which boosts sales tactics. These reviews have the reasons of why customers run away and look for another option.

In short, you can tap on some specific problems that are likely to interfere with a good customer experience. Possibly, there may be many other ones who might be countering similar challenges, like higher price, lack of features and many more ones. Your business process outsourcing partner can efficiently identify these problems. Later, you can mix that intelligence with trends to better the customer experience.

• Customer Support Satisfaction Feedback

Different from the foregone types of feedbacks, it evaluates how well or unwell you have served your existing customers. Since they are already onboard, they know about the quality, impressions and how well you address any problem. This survey conducted by your virtual assistant can push you to the way of strategic improvement. You can optimize user experience and deliver exactly corresponding to the market demands.

Generally, the professional outsourcing partners offer customer satisfaction score (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES) and Milestone surveys to measure customer’s satisfaction. Besides, they use chat box for immediate solutions, which is followed by any of the aforementioned survey forms to comment about the support services. Later on, you can learn and motivate your visitors by throwing discounts and incentives.

• Brand Loyalty Feedback

Brand loyalty does not build up in a day. It is an emotional tie to a brand that keeps customers to frequently prefer it for purchasing products. This practice triggers cross selling without putting much of efforts, as the customer feels attached to brand’s quality and services.

For being busy with core activities, it’s not easy to look into this vertical. But, your virtual assistant who is competent in it can give you a better understanding of your business strengths and weaknesses through deep analysis of this feedback. It ensures you to improve your perceptions through NPS surveys, which asks customers how likely they would recommend your brand and why.

So, you can get to know who the advocated of your brand are that can offer word-of-mouth publicity. This can prove very effective and a great way to promote sales, as customers trust what is being recommended by the peer groups.

Also, you can show your gratitude for being offered with positive feedbacks in their testimonials, reviews and positive comments.

Procedure to Collect Reviews

One of the most common procedures that almost every remote assistant follows for collecting reviews is given below:

• Monitoring social media channels: These are to come across what people are saying about your brand or product or services over Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media. • Conduct customer interviews: Interviews are a part of primary research, which allows you to find out facts, attitudes and opinions.
• Add feedback survey in your network: This is an amazing method of getting reviews about delivery experience or any other purpose while being online on the webpage of the company or brand.
• Send a follow up message: It refers to an attempt for repurposing, which re-invites your customers to undergo shopping experience.
• Offer incentives for reviews: This is a promotion attempt, which offers incentives in return of a feedback.

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