A Trello Clone Vue Project to Angular Framework

A Trello Clone Vue Project to Angular Framework

NgTrackThings A Todo list made with vuejs to track whatever you want, the initial ideia is create a list with tasks and provide a screen to list and check theses tasks


A Todo list made with vuejs to track whatever you want, the initial ideia is create a list with tasks and provide a screen to list and check theses tasks

But in future new feature like add geolocalization to send a reminder to user that him need do a thing in that place


I'm a forgetful guy, I need to use tools like todoist and trello to keep my things doing fine, an example of this is that I do exercise in gym and there I have a 'script' to follow, with exercises(biceps, triceps etc), And I have a difficult to keep in mind all of these trains. I had used Whatsapp to write down the exercises this help me but have no a way to mark as done, and how you know a train repeat along of the week (Sunday, Tuesday), tools like trello and todoist have no a good support for repeated tasks maybe todoist but is not too good like I would want.

You can see that same project using Vuejs here

Drag n Drop

The drag n drop for cards and list's moviment things like colision, distance, future card position, etc was done using pure javascript and 0 libs to do that work I did that to practice javacript and my logic, you can see more about those features on lists: src/pages/sub-lists/index-sub-list/index-sub-list.ts, src/pages/sub-lists/index-sub-list/index-sub-list.html, src/pages/sub-lists/index-sub-list/index-sub-list.scss. and cards on folder: src/pages/sub-lists/index-sub-list/card-sub-list/.ts, .html, .scss

Development server

npm i
ng serve # Run `ng serve` for a dev server. Navigate to `http://localhost:4200/`. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.


gif1 gif2

Download Details:

Author: valterbarros

Source Code: https://github.com/valterbarros/ng-track-things

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