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Alex Lambert


E-commerce Site in Deno


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Yui ❤ Header

Build in progress v0.9

  • Anyway, let’s get down to business

The website

yes it’s a website in case you haven’t read the title

The site

  • The site is a sales site designed primarily for the sale of products online. As well as the possible implementation of a click and collect system. The site is currently under construction and may therefore react improbably in certain situations. (Unlikely to respond with pages we haven’t developed. Makes you wonder if there isn’t a ghost on our test server.)

Systems included

Members area

  • The members area is currently under development. This allows the customer to be able to directly store information so that they can reuse it during their next visits / orders. We specify that all users are not necessarily customers.

Sales area

  • A search engine is available. It allows the customer to be able to search for products by filters. It allows the seller (s) to be able to define a series of filters in relation to the list of products available on the site.

There may be an easter eag there but you have to go see the code to find it!

Login / register area


  • We know that a password can be a problem for some users. So, to simplify their lives while securing their personal data, we offer them a complete QR code login system.
  • We are not sufficiently competent to be able to develop a normal login space without a weird option. We apologize.

Administrator area

  • The administrator area allows the establishment of a team in order to be able to work on the websites and its analyzes.

the site contains, as on Linux, a god mode account that can do everything.


Site configuration

  • The site is able to adapt entirely from a " config.json " file . From this same file, you can customize your site as you wish.
  • In a future update it will be possible to access several websites and manage them with a config.json file per URL. (The administrator panel will be the same for all sites).
  • Like that the day you want to open a shop selling products and you are clearly lazy to do so, you just have to configure a multisite and the script will take care of it for you! All you have to do is find the pictures!


  • In order to be put online, the configuration of the dedicated server is necessary. For obvious security breach issues, the server must be a Linux Ubuntu 18.04.5 / 20.04 server or Debian server.
  • The database server is a MySQL server. It exactly meets the needs of the site.
  • For setting up a competitor to Amazon, we recommend a professional reorientation

Site code

  • The site responds to the classic web page system. It consists of html, css, js code . Its modification is therefore simple and accessible. (LOL)
  • The request management and data processing system is implemented with the Deno system . (Be prepared to waste your time patching bugs that are not in the same file that is shown in the console.)
  • The files / site files are preferably not to touch (except for developers Aguer , santa claus, Yui, Elon Musk, and all people in need of social life). The “ files ” folder is used to store content such as images or other type of documents allowing the configuration made in the “ config.json ” file (s) .

Analysis and monitoring tools

  • For use of Deno we recommend the use of PM2 as analysis tools.
  • After that if you’re really a pro, you don’t need it. The site works like clockwork. (from cadi on a Sunday morning)

Site security

  • The security of user data is paramount. This is why we have opted for the implementation of the safest and most secure technologies currently available.
  • We ask you not to read the list below.
  • All data is stored in a database whose identifier is obviously secure
  • All sensitive data such as passwords are stored with sha512 encryption
  • The hosting server uses a UNIX system (avoid: windobe server)
  • Use of Deno for the management and processing of requests.
  • Traffic analysis also carried out with Deno.
  • Deno filters access via Tor browser to secure your data. This parameter is not yet configurable.
  • Why did you read this list?

The files

\ - | assets \
\ - | files \
\ - | website \
\ - | website \ about \
\ - | website \ add_key \
\ - | website \ add_phone \
\ - | website \ admin \
\ - | website \ c & c \
\ - | website \ files \
\ - | website \ home \
\ - | website \ product_list
\ - | website \ login_register \
\ - | website \ products \
\ - | website \ users \

only the files folder can be used by an average user

cannot be expanded here.


Workspace for: V 0.1-0.5

Customer Area

  • Login
  • Register
  • Account management
  • Shopping cart management
  • Payment area

Seller area

  • New product management
  • Product Statistics
  • Payment management


  • Complete site statistics
  • Access to sales data
  • Modification of config.json

Deno service

1 The query system:

The entire system is controlled by the Deno runtime: p

import  {  server  }  from  "" ; 
const  serve  =  server ( {  port : 8000  } ) ;

console . log ( "Website online at: http: // localhost: 8000 /" ) ;

for  await  ( const  requette  of  serve )  { 
   requette . respond ( {  body : "Hello World"  } ) ; 

Tor Browser detection:

Website installation:

  • Deno runtime
  • Mysql server
  • Site


Installing deno

Installation of deno: Shell (Mac, Linux): curl -fsSL | sh

PowerShell (Windows): iwr -useb | iex

For linux, to create the deno command:

nano /home/username/.profile

at the end of the file add:

export DENO_INSTALL = " /home/username/.deno "
 export PATH = " $ DENO_INSTALL / bin: $ PATH "

after recording

source /home/username/.profile

Using deno

  • Basic commands: deno run monfichier.ts

  • To allow the use of the right resources, we need: --allow-read --allow-write --allow-net So that the script can read, write, and access the web port

  • The final command to run the code is therefore: deno run --allow-read --allow-write --allow-net main.ts

  • Deno

Installing mysql

  • You are free to install MYSQL as it should. In order to make the site function correctly, the identifiers of the database must be entered in the file /assets/database/config.json
   " hostname " : " " ,
   " username " : " USERNAME_BDD " ,
   " db " : " TABLE_NAME " ,
   " password " : " MOT_DE_PASSE_USER " 
  • Mysql

Site installation


  • Run the following code at a command prompt, in the site’s parent folder. `` deno run --allow-read --allow-write --allow-net main.ts`


the installation cannot be detailed here

  • final command to launch in the background with PM2 pm2 start main.ts --interpreter="deno" --interpreter-args="run --allow-read --allow-write --allow-net"

Possible update:

Likely ideasIdeas in the process of reflectionPassword recoverySetting up a supportxxSale of product space

Contributors to the project:

  1. @ DrBlackWolf27 - Deno contributor + databases
  2. @ ethanM31 - front-end contributor + code purge
  3. @GhostRileyBG - front-end contributor + databases
  • We do not in any way encourage you to use this tool for setting up illegal services. The authors of Yui Shop cannot be held responsible for the use of this tool.



  1. [: p] Deno service documentation:
  2. [: p] Documentation of the NodeJs service:
  3. [: p] PM2 service documentation:

Download Details:

Author: DrBlackWolf27

Source Code:

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E-commerce Site in Deno

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