Run The World Case Study

Run The World Case Study

Recently, Caylent pulled Run The World back from crisis amid a severe production outage. Find out how our DevOps team rose to the challenge here.

Company Introduction

Run The World is an online event platform designed for organizers, attendees, speakers, and sponsors worldwide. Run The World helps people build virtual events through simple plug and play templates⁠ enabling them to create an engaging online event for their attendees.

Run the World supports professional organizations to organize more frequent meetings and engage more members, with little financial cost and setup time needed. They offer exciting formats and proprietary technology that enables attendees to interact with speakers and socialize with each other in a fun and engaging way.


Run The World was referred to Caylent by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), who led their recent $10.8 million Series A round in the California-based company. The company was experiencing a severe production outage in their Kubernetes environment hosted on AWS. Their rapid event growth and increased scale of online attendees in their virtual conferences—due in part to the global COVID-19 pandemic⁠—caused the full destabilization of the company’s production environment.


Run The World contacted us on a Friday morning in March in the midst of a production outage. Within 3 hours of the phone call, the Caylent DevOps team was triaging and remediating the situation—caused in part by a misconfigured service mesh and huge amounts of inbound traffic across several of the company’s hosted events. Many pots of coffee later, Run The World’s production environment was re-deployed and back online that same day.

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