Learning AWS CLIs to Deploy AWS Lambda Services Using VS Code

Learning AWS CLIs to Deploy AWS Lambda Services Using VS Code

An approach to quickly learn the tools and deploy a sample Lambda Function using the AWS CLI.

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Oh boy, are there plenty of avenues to publish anything you so desire. This is my first post on Medium and I would like to share some steps that I have compiled to easily develop and deploy AWS services. In this post, I am sharing an approach to quickly build and deploy a sample Lambda function using the AWS CLI tools. In order to make this easier for anyone who doesn’t have any prior background on AWS to start learning and using the tools, I have created a container that has all the necessary tools to make this tutorial work out of the box. VS Code supports (yes, it’s been released for quite a while now) code development inside a Docker container via the Remote — Containers extension for Visual Studio Code. As someone who has been working on projects that target different platforms and toolsets, I really appreciate that today’s development tools support project-specific environments (I previously achieved this by using Virtual Machines instead). You can imagine my excitement when I heard the news about Github Codespaces. There are alternatives to Github Codespaces, but I do see the lower cost of adoption if the integration is done in Github itself. I really hope that there will be a free option though.

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