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Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Reactjs Developers in 2020

All right, folks — it’s time for another piece to help you improve your React game, become better React devs, write better code, and excel at coding interviews.

1. Use React Hooks In Functional Components

Hooks were introduced in React v16.8 and are a huge boost for functional programming within React. With Hooks you can, and should, make use of functional components instead of class components. But wait…functional components and state? And what’s with lifecycle methods?

Have no fear — React Hooks have that covered for you. Let’s see some examples:

This is image title

This was the traditional way of using a class. With hooks, we can now do i using the useState Hook, like this:

This is image title

Looks easier? It is! We’re using the useState Hook to set the initial state to an empty String (‘’) and it returns an array with the current state (value) and a method to mutate that state (setValue). We are also using array destructuring to get access to value and setValue.

Functional components don’t have access to lifecycle methods by default. But now we have Hooks and the useEffect Hook comes to our rescue. First, the traditional way, using a class:

This is image title

Here’s the same example making use of the useEffect Hook:

This is image title

How awesome is that? useEffect will aways run when one of the values in the passed array (value) changes.

These are just two examples of using React Hooks — there are more out there. You can even create your own custom hooks. In my opinion, every ReactJS Dev should learn this concept!

2. Use The React Context API For Passing Props

Maybe you’ve experienced a situation where you have deeply nested components and a need to pass down props from the higher to the lower tier, with some components sitting in the middle, just letting those props pass. Instead of editing each component in the chain, you can make use of the React Context API.

In this example, we create a new context in a separate file like this:

This is image title

Then we need to wrap the parent element, hence the highest tier from where we want to distribute props with the provider we created:

This is image title

Now, all of the ParentComponent’s children have access to auth as a prop. How cool is that?

Now, all we have to do is to consume the context in a child component. I’ll make use of functional components and the useContext Hook to do so:

This is image title

If there were more child components nested, they would have access to the context as well. Awesome!

3. Styled-Components

Styled-Components belong effectively to the CSS-in-JS libraries that abstract the CSS to component level, using just JavaScript to describe styles. They can be created via the ES6 Template Literal Notation using back-ticks like this:

This is image title

Now you have a custom-styled button component that you can use all over your application, instead of the normal HTML button. All styles are encapsulated and won’t interfere with other styles in the DOM. Pretty sick, right?

4. React Fragments

For a long time, you had to wrap everything in a return statement into a single div for react to render it correctly in the DOM or make use of array notation.

For example:

This is image title

With the introduction of React Fragments you no longer have to use either of these methods. Instead, you can do something like this:

This is image title

Or, since Babel 7, even something like this:

This is image title

5. Use Error Boundaries

Having errors in your application is one thing but if they appear in the view at the very least they should not break the whole application. For this case “Error Boundaries” have been implemented into React. These are basically components that you can use to to wrap other components. They catch errors during rendering and in lifecycle methods down the tree. Via the componentDidCatch method (note that there’s no React Hook for this yet so you have to use a class-based component) you can then react to the error and render a fallback or log the error. Here’s a short example:

This is image title

You can now use the ErrorBoundary component like this:*3rmd_T0dgXTjMu_WGP4jog.png

6. React and Typescript

Typescript is a really hot topic and one of the developers’ top choices for learning in the near future. With the newer versions of create-react-app (CRA) it comes with built-in Support for Typescript. You just have to add the typescript flag when creating a new project with CRA, like this:

This is image title

The key benefits of using Typescript with React are:

  • Latest JavaScript features available
  • Interfaces for complex type definitions
  • VS Code was made for TypeScript
  • Readability and Validation to avoid bugs during development

Here’s a simple example of using TypeScript in a functional React Component:

This is image title

And with an interface:

This is image title

If you want to learn something new in 2020, definitely give TypeScript a go!

7. Jest and Enzyme for Testing

Every dev should test their applications — it is mandatory in many corporations. Testing React apps can be really cool with the right setup. A widely-used setup consists of Jest and Enzyme. Take a look!

Jest comes bundled with the create-react-app by default and is a test runner, assertion library, and mocking library. It also provides snapshot testing, which basically creates a rendered snapshot of a component that will automatically be compared to previous snapshots. If those two don’t match, the test will fail.
This is really cool for unit and integrations tests but what about real components of your React App? Enter Enzyme, a testing library for React Components developed and maintained by Airbnb and the ideal partner for Jest.

With these libraries in place we can do neat tests like this:

This is image title

This tests the basic rendering behaviour of one of our components. But we can do even more. For example, testing for props:

This is image title

This looks awesome, right? There is so much more you can do with this setup like mocking API calls or testing lifecycle methods…

8. Conditionals in JSX

Writing JSX is really cool and one of the main features of React. To improve your capabilities you can make use of the following trick.

Instead of using this:

This is image title

You can do a short-circuit evaluation like this:

This is image title

9. Higher-Order Components

Higher-Order Components (HOC) are an advanced React concept used to abstract shared code to make it accessible where needed. The concept is similar to higher-order functions in JavaScript — HOCs take components and return components but they are not components themselves; they are functions. On an abstract level it looks like this:

This is image title

A good example is “connect” from Redux. A more practical example could look like this:

This is image title

At first we create the HOC (colorizeElement) with an element that keeps all its props and gets a new prop for the color (blue). We can then use that HOC to create a new, blue-colored button like this:

This is image title

Looks cool, doesn’t it?

10. React DevTools

React DevTools is a cool browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox and maintained by the Facebook React Core Team. Version 4 came out in August 2019 — this extension is really useful for any React dev.

It works well with React and React Native and really helps you understand what happens inside your react App.

What’s really cool, and you may not be aware of this, is that some big companies like Airbnb and Netflix are using React. If you visit their websites you can find information about their sites in your browser console if you have the React DevTools installed:

It’s always nice to see what the big players are doing. The same thing can be applied to Redux DevTools!

Bonus: Must-have VS Code Extensions for React Devs

All right, you have made it all the way down to this point, now it’s time for a little bonus! I’ve identified some of the best VS Code Extensions for React Devs.

ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets

A really cool extension with almost four million downloads. It brings you tons of code snippets for React, Redux and GraphQL.

Jest and Jest Snippets

Two extensions that harmonize perfectly with Jest and provide you snippets for better testing

Typescript React code snippets

A cool extension that’s helpful if you work with Typescript and React.

While these are some extensions specifically for React development, you should also use the more general ones. I have written an article about the 10 VS Code Extensions that Front-End Developers Should Know in 2020, make sure to check those out as well!


Well, everything has to come to an end and this is it for this piece. I hope I could give you some insights to help you become better React devs, whether you’re just starting out or you’re already an experienced developer. I would love to hear your opinions, so feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you !

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Top 10 Tips and Tricks  for Reactjs Developers in 2020

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Top 10 Professional Angular JS App Development Companies

Now, the digital world needs to develop apps with interactive & high-level functionalities. When it comes to developing a dynamic single-page app, AngularJS is the most successful & famous front-end framework. Besides building interactive apps, it can develop any kind of web apps.

Searching for the AngularJS development company is not difficult, but picking the best one, which carries out business on a specific requirement & value is quite a difficult task.

Accordingly, I have compiled a list of the top 10 professional AngularJS development companies, known for their distinct range of AngularJS development services.

1. AppClues Infotech

AppClues Infotech is a leading AngularJS development company in USA & India that offers the best quality dynamic apps for clients. They work on the overall perseverance, diligence & enthusiasm of the experienced app developers. It offers the complete web & mobile app development service to excellence. Its highly experienced Angular developers can deliver the promises of expertise, quality, and intellectual capital and develop apps that meet the client’s expectations.

· Founded - 2014

· Avg. Hourly rate – $15 to $25

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2. Angular Minds

This leading web app development company has created several innovative web apps based on front-end technologies like AngularJS & NodeJS. With the help of well-experienced Angular developers, the company leads app development in an optimized way. Its developers are passionate to provide excellent web, mobile & cloud solutions to clients worldwide embracing next-generation technologies that can meet customer’s requirements with the most positive trends.

· Founded - 2011

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· Employees - 50 – 100

3. Clarion Technologies

Clarion Technologies is an outstanding company to carry out your development with the best technology platforms. It is the most reliable & cost-effective web & mobile app development company for SMEs. With skillful developers, Clarion has delivered complex web apps for different sectors using advanced frameworks like AngularJS & NodeJS

· Founded - 2000

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6. Algoworks

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Top 10 iOS Mobile App Development Companies in California

Are you on the lookout for top iOS app development companies in California? There are thousands of tech start-ups in California and this includes hundreds of mobile app companies. This makes it more difficult for the ones who are searching to find a reliable company. We have therefore prepared a list of the top 10 iOS app development companies in California. This should make your job easier.

Tvisha Technologies:

Tvisha Technologies is a company that has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent past. With the success rate of businesses being increasingly linked to apps, Tvisha has made a mark by developing some of the best apps across different industry sectors that include travel, hospitality, banking, and healthcare among others. They have built many web applications to service government agencies as well.

Listed among the top iOS mobile app development companies in California by may rating agencies of repute, their services are available at Simi Valley here and at Edison, New York, New Jersey, and Milpitas as well. The company’s team of young technically minded teams have developed apps that have won many awards. This has been made possible because they employ the latest technologies to render apt business solutions for their clients.

With the help of home-grown tools, Tvisha provides end-to-end mobile solutions and has created innovative Android, iOS, and Blackberry apps. Tvisha’s client list continues to grow with a reputation of their teams being able to deliver technical solutions and apps that are free of flaws

AppClues Infotech:

A leading iOS mobile app development company having around 8+ years of experience in the field of app development. AppClues Infotech helps businesses to reach new heights through mobile apps. They transfer clients’ ideas into reality. The company has delivered around 450+ mobile apps across various sectors and regions. The top services that are provided by AppClues Infotech are Mobile app design and development, Web design and development, Digital Marketing.

Magneto IT Solutions:

Founded in 2009, Magneto IT Solutions is a profound name when it comes to Mobile Application Development. Having over 70+ dexterous professionals with experience of over 1800+ successfully completed projects, Magneto ensures to deliver the best-in-class solutions for all business requirements. Magneto is having a very loyal client base spread across the globe in 20+ countries.

Seasia Infotech

“Established in 2000, Seasia is a CMMI Level 5 company that holds expertise in catering to the growing digital needs of wide business segments, from startups to well-established enterprises. People around the globe rely on their exclusive services for- iOS, Android, hybrid, and cross-platform applications backed by a dexterous team of experts who have a stronghold over mobile app development skills. Till date, they have delivered over 3000 projects worldwide and established a strong customer base globally.”


Headquartered in San Francisco, this company was founded in the year 2009. These app developers in California have completed over 200 projects to date that include full-stack enterprise solutions in addition to mobile and web apps.


CitrusBits is one of the top mobile app development companies set up in the year 2005. They are experts in a number of fields, including customized design for client products and expertise in emerging technologies. They stand apart from the other companies in the speed with which they execute their clients’ projects and the accuracy at the end of it all.


Founded in 2012, this company specializes in UX/UI design and mobile app development. They are also developing expertise in the emerging technologies of today. Their software packages and apps have helped their clients earn worldwide recognition through awards and mentions in many famous publications. The company’s accomplishments have been made possible with small but creative teams. Their clients include the biggies in the software industry such as Accenture, Google, and HP.


Sidebench can be best thought of as a consultancy studio. They have created applications at the enterprise management scale and the company’s main focus is on user experience. They have managed solutions for small-sized start-ups as well as large corporations. The company makes it’s a point to maintain long-term relationships with all of its clients. Their innovation and drive have resulted in sustainable growth for the company.

Swenson He:

This company was founded as recently as in 2014 but is already a company to be reckoned with in mobile app development. They are noted among the best iOS app development companies in California and never outsource any software that has to be created

Dogtown Media:

This company delivers apps that are directed to solve the everyday problems of the users. Their team at Dogtown comes up with innovative app design by pushing technology boundaries. This has helped them lead the pack and continually add to their design and development capabilities.

Their app development team is made up of experts that have deep expertise in coding and design. This helps the team to quickly design, develop and deploy Android and iOS apps without any undue delay. Their notable clients include CitiBank, UN, and Lexus, among others.

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