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How To Add a Border To Any Widget (To Container) - Flutter

If you’ve ever struggled on giving a widget a border, get ready to know all about how to do it. EVEN how to give a specific number of borders, all with different sizes and colors.

After this video, you’ll be able to fully customize specific borders, and add borders to any widget that can be wrapped with a Container widget.

NOTE: (I will also leave a comment with this info) I forgot to mention how to round the borders:

border: Border.all(
width: 3.0
borderRadius: BorderRadius.all(

The borderRadius is also a property of Border.all()
---------END NOTE-----------

BoxDecoration Cheat Sheet:

00:00 - Intro
00:30 - Adding A Container Border
01:15 - Increasing Border Width
01:40 - Giving A Border To All Widgets
02:25 - Border with Padding
02:40 - Border On Specific Sides
03:18 - Creating a 3D Border Look
04:00 - BoxDecoration Cheat Sheet
04:20 - Flutter Mentor Out

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How To Add a Border To Any Widget (To Container) - Flutter