How to Avoid using the any type in TypeScript

How to Avoid using the any type in TypeScript

In this tutorial, you'll look at How to Avoid using the any type in TypeScript. 3 Tips to avoid the type any in your code

Who hasn’t used the any type at least once? I have. It’s simple, and you don’t bother finding the event type or creating a mock object in the test file. any is saving time for you and effort. But, unfortunately, not every first simple solution is a good choice.

Typing is the cheapest and faster way to check for errors in your code. With the any type, it’s difficult to see what’s going wrong, and in terms of performance, it will cost you a lot.

Sometimes, it’s really difficult to not use the any type. Thankfully, the TypeScript compiler did actually provide us all that we need to avoid not typing. All we need is knowing and learning about these techniques that can save us from awkward situations.

This problem has frequently appeared on my team. Maybe it’s the case for you too. In this article, I’ll be sharing what I learned and used to write code without any.

I’ll be covering:

  • Augmenting Interfaces
  • Types Intersection
  • Advanced generics
  • Final thoughts

So, if you’re excited and ready, let’s go

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