TechGames is a complete gaming news portal to stay on top of everything in the gaming world


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TechGames is a complete gaming news portal to stay on top of everything in the gaming world.


This project was developed with the following technologies:


The portal has a posting system where the administrator places the post banner, title, category and post content, in which I implemented Tinymce to convert my text to HTML.

On the home page, all posts are ranked by the most recent. I used Date-FNS to calculate how much time has passed since posting.

This is what it looks like when the user clicks on the post. Making it possible to watch videos and etc.

The user can share the post on social networks, as well as comment on it using Facebook.

The portal also has a search system.

There is also the possibility to see posts by category.

How to run

  1. Clone the project.

  2. When cloning, open both backend and frontend folder in an editor of your preference, install the dependencies on your terminal by typing:

yarn or npm
  1. If you use docker, install a postgres container, otherwise install a postgres server on your machine. With that done, in the backend folder run migrations, typing:
yarn sequelize db:migrate or npx sequelize db:migrate
  1. With that done, start both backend and frontend servers by typing:
yarn dev or npx dev
  1. When you open the browser, access the route ‘http://localhost:3000/post/new’ to add a new post.

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Author: lyandeveloper

Source Code:

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TechGames is a complete gaming news portal to stay on top of everything in the gaming world

FIFA 21 Blockbuster Release Gives Fraudsters an Open Field for Theft

The hotly anticipated release of blockbuster video game FIFA 21 on Oct. 6, along with the return of professional play, are giving soccer fans reason to celebrate. And, unsurprisingly, cybercriminals are already figuring out how to capitalize.

A report from researcher Christopher Boyd at Malwarebytes Labs outlined the various ways scammers are tapping into the oversized audience of FIFA 21 to turn a quick buck, including leveraging in-game goods and rewards.

FIFA, Fans and Ronaldo: A Crook’s Hat Trick

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, drawing in an estimated 3.5 billion fans all over the globe. Bloomberg reported during the last World Cup that four out of 10 people in the world consider themselves to be fans of the game.

That enthusiasm extends to the blockbuster video gaming franchise, FIFA, named after the sport’s international rules organization. The brand is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the top selling sports video game of all time, with more than 280 million copies of the game sold in at least 51 countries.

The fact that the pandemic has slowed down in-person play (while one of the sport’s brightest stars, Cristiano Ronaldo, tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this week) hasn’t done anything to deter people from immersing themselves in the “beautiful game.” And it’s exactly that devotion and online interest that cybercriminals are leveraging to trick fans into their traps.

Coins, Cards, Points and Fraud

In his blog post explanation of his findings, Boyd explained that fraudsters are finding an easy hunting ground through a game mode called FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

Within this mode, players can earn “coins” which are used within the game to buy “cards,” which Boyd described as “the lifeblood of the game.”

__Phishing page example. Source: Malwarebytes

“So far, so good…and essentially harmless,” he continued. “Unfortunately, the monetized aspects of the game away from the screen contributes to scammers wanting a piece of the action.”

He pointed out there’s something called “FIFA points” which can be bought with real-life money within the game and from legit third parties. This is exactly the type of scenario that tends to grab the attention of fraudsters, he pointed out.

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lakshya world

lakshya world


Top 5 Teen Patti Game Development Company

Teen Patti is the most popular Indian and European card betting game. This game is among the most common and famous variations of the poker games. When it comes to gambling games, Teen Patti secures a favourable spot among the sports lovers by entertaining them highly.

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Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. a leading Software development company in India, develops card game software for its international clients through its established Artoon technologies. This exclusive Teen Patti is their latest invention and combines the classic card game with online gaming to enjoy it with multiple players. For more information about our presence in this segment.

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Capermint Technologies has developed numerous Real Money Teen Patti Games, and all the games incorporate advanced features that attract millions of players worldwide. We make sure that your requirements are met in the game, and with our experienced designers we develop games with exciting features. Our trained developers use the latest technology to create the most advanced Teen Patti Game.

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Autumn  Blick

Autumn Blick


Game Development with .NET

We’ve launched a new Game Development with .NET section on our site. It’s designed for current .NET developers to explore all the choices available to them when developing games. It’s also designed for new developers trying to learn how to use .NET by making games. We’ve also launched a new game development Learn portal for .NET filled with tutorials, videos, and documentation provided by Microsoft and others in the .NET game development community. Finally, we launched a step-by-step Unity get-started tutorial that will get you started with Unity and writing C## scripts for it in no time. We are excited to show you what .NET has to offer to you when making games. .NET is also part of Microsoft Game Stack, a comprehensive suite of tools and services just for game development.

A picture of a game controller

.NET for game developers

.NET is cross-platform. With .NET you can target over 25+ different platforms with a single code base. You can make games for, but not limited to, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and mixed reality devices.

C## is the most popular programming language in game development. The wider .NET community is also big. There is no lack of expertise and support you can find from individuals and user groups, locally or online.

.NET does not just cover building your game. You can also use it to build your game’s website with ASP.NET, your mobile app using Xamarin, and even do remote rendering with Microsoft Azure. Your skills will transfer across the entire game development pipeline.

logos of some gaming platforms supported by .NET

Available game engines

The first step to developing games in .NET is to choose a game engine. You can think of engines as the frameworks and tools you use for developing your game. There are many game engines that use .NET and they differ widely. Some of the engines are commercial and some are completely royalty free and open source. I am excited to see some of them planning to adopt .NET 5 soon. Just choose the engine that better works for you and your game. Would you like to read a blog post to help you learn about .NET game engines, and which one would be best for you? core #azure #c# #game development #azure #cryengine #game developers #game development #game development with .net #game engines #games #monogame #playfab #stride #unity #visual studio #waveengine