Shift Remote 2020 - DevOps Heroes

Shift Remote 2020 - DevOps Heroes

At the time it was not yet fully planned out and the exact date and times were yet to be finalized. Well, now we have a set schedule and I'll be coming at you online with a DevOps focused session on helping you become a DevOps hero by adding some new tools to your toolbox.Let's take a look at what this online event looks like shall we? First off, the talk and abstract are online for the event. Head over to the event site and check the schedule, looking for E11 (event 11) being hosted on Dec 8, 2020. You should find the following listed:

DevOps Heroes - Adding Advanced Automation to your Toolbox

DevOps is more than the process of automating your CI/CD pipelines to generate code and deployment artifacts for production. It's also about organizational change and integration of many subtle processes that help you to deliver applications seamlessly from development to production through your operations.Let's unlock the power of process integration with a getting started walk through of a free online hands-on workshop that adds advanced automation to your devops toolbox. We'll take you through the integration of an organizational process as part of your DevOps strategy. Step-by-step you'll learn how to build a data model, create an automated process, integrate user approval tasks, and more using modern open source process automation tooling. No experience in automation integration is required. Join us for a short session that helps you in adding a new tool to your devops toolbox.

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