Designing Relational Database in Example

Designing Relational Database in Example

In this story I want to share with you a basic relational database which helped me to understand ideas of organizing data for relational…

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› Preface

Several years ago I was a junior developer with high ambitions to create web apps. Once I got an idea to analyze all money that I spend to understand my expenses better. I needed an application which could store payments, show statistics graphs, and give more than just a colourful circle graph with all payments in a month.

For these reasons, I decided to develop an app and include all the features that I wanted.

I am going to discuss with you the design of a relational database, which I made for this app.

› What data do I need to store?

I explored this question with an example. I imagined that I bought the “Martian” book in the book shop, which located in the book shop “Book lovers”. Then, I paid for the book 5$ in cash on 20 Aug 2020 at 3:04 pm.

Accordingly, at this moment, there are several parameters of the purchase:

  • the name of the product — the “Martian” book,

  • the price — 5$,

  • the location of the shop — “Book lovers” shop,

  • the payment type — cash,

  • the currency — USD,

  • date and time — 20 Aug 2020, 3:04 pm.

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Figure 1. Purchase parameters.

I had been thinking about whether I need to specify an exact product or not. In a book shop, you can buy many things besides books. And what about shopping in a supermarket? A list of products can be super long.

› Organizing Tables

I decided to create an abstract model for a product. I divided this parameter (product name) into category and subcategory tables, and connected them by primary and foreign keys. For the preceding example, the category is shop and subcategory is book shop.

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Figure 2. Two new tables: categories and subcategories.

Another option is to store categories and subcategories in one table. Although storing both categories and subcategories simplifies the overall model, setting them in one table can complicate selecting categories from the table — an example of this table in the Script section.

Payment methods’ (cash or card) and currencies’ (USD, EUR, etc) values are known and immutable. Therefore, for storing the payment methods and currencies, I created methods and currencies tables respectively.

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Figure 3. Two new tables: methods and currencies.

Price, location, date and time are always different. There is no need to store these parameters in separated tables.

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