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YOLOv4- Speed & Accuracy

Last few years object detection has starts maturing in ever since R-CNN was released, the competition remains cut-throat. YOLOv4 has again claim to have state-of-the-art(SOTA) accuracy while maintains a high processing frame rate. It achieves an accuracy of 43.5% AP (65.7% AP₅₀) for the MS COCO with an approximately 65 FPS inference speed on Tesla V100 as per the graph below. In object detection, higher accuracy & precision is few of many things we definitely want . We want the model to run smoothly in the edge devices like Rasberry Pi, Jetson Nano, Intel boards. How to process streaming real time video with these low power and low cost hardware becomes important and challenging pushing the need to get for robotics ,business and much more.(Code is Shared in the end with Video walk-through)

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YOLOv4 is twice as fast as EfficientDet with comparable performance.

The YOLO v4 release lists three authors: Alexey Bochkovskiy, the Russian developer who built the YOLO Windows version, Chien-Yao Wang, and Hong-Yuan Mark Liao.(Unfortunately, the Creator of YOLO Joseph Redmon announced he was not pursuing computer vision due negative impact of his work )

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As per the authors

Compared with the previous YOLOv3, YOLOv4 has the following advantages:

It is an efficient and powerful object detection model that enables anyone with a 1080 Ti or 2080 Ti GPU to train a super fast and accurate object detector.

The influence of state-of-the-art “Bag-of-Freebies” and “Bag-of-Specials” object detection methods during detector training has been verified.

The modified state-of-the-art methods, including CBN (Cross-iteration batch normalization), PAN (Path aggregation network), etc., are now more efficient and suitable for single GPU training.

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YOLOv4- Speed & Accuracy
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How to Speed Up Your Day-To-Day Work in Python

Use all the computing power available to you

In my day-to-day data work, I routinely find myself running a lot of for loops. These can take minutes to complete, which isn’t necessarily a long time, but looping is embarrassingly parallelizable. We can do better.

In this article, I will discuss how to make more efficient use of your time when working in Python. Whether you work on a laptop or a high-performance computer (HPC), you can speed up your workflow by taking full advantage of all the computing power available to you. This can be achieved with the Dask and Dask-jobqueue libraries. This post will discuss how to create and use a dask cluster on your local computer and an HPC.

Dask is a Python library for parallel computing and dask-jobqueue lets you interact with job schedulers, such as Slurm, from a Jupyter Notebook. Dask makes simple things are easier and complex things are possible and itsnumpy and pandas-like API makes writing code familiar to Pythonic data practitioners.

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Home Screen - Complete E-Commerce App Flutter UI - Speed Code

This is the 4th episode of our complete e-commerce app, where I will share with you how you can create a nice clean main page for your e-commerce app that can run both Andriod and iOS devices because it builds with #flutter.

►Source Code:
► Timestamps
0:00 Intro
0:22 Project Setup
2:07 Home Screen Header
9:34 Discount Card
11:25 Categories
14:49 Special Offer
20:59 Popular Product

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An Instant Guide to Improve Typing Speed for Faster Transcription (A Complete Guide)

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It is important to have good typing speed if you want to succeed. Our daily lives revolve around computers, smartphones, and tablets.
You will probably need to use all 10 fingers while typing If you want to type faster. You can efficiently use your computer keyboard by using the 10 finger typing method, which has been around for many years. With practice on the wpm test online and knowing where to position your fingers, you can effectively type blindly on the keyboard. Good transcription requires accurate and fast typing skills.

Why Transcriptionists Need to Improve Typing Speed

The career of a transcriptionist depends upon, among other skills, a high typing speed. If you want to reach higher on the rungs of the ladder of transcription, the first step for giving you a firm hold is a high, accurate, and consistent typing speed.

An average typist generally maintains 92% Accuracy. It means nearly 8 typos for every hundred words typed.

Your typing speed could determine whether you’ll succeed in the booming industry or will be left out of the competition. You can manage all transcription jobs that come on by learning useful tips from experts who have been there, and done that.

Learn the best typing tips to embark on your mission of improving your typing speed.

4 Tips to Type at the Jet Speed

These 4 expert’ tips have helped many people type at almost at jet speed.

1. Maintain Accuracy by Avoiding Looking at the Keyboard

Avoid looking at the keyboard is a rule of thumb for faster typing. This is the first tip as soon as you start writing - whether you are a beginner or an advanced professional.

a) Develop Muscle Memory. Initially, it will take you longer to type, but it’s important that you stick to it every single time you type. Although it will result in frequent mistakes while you type, it will help imprint the position of keys in your ‘muscle memory’.

b) Avoid Wood-Pecking. Avoid typing with a single finger, which is also known as wood-pecking. Don’t use keyboards position a crutch. If the urge to glance at the keys deters you, cover the keys with a paper while typing. Practice diligently, and before you know it, your typing speed will be faster than you imagined.

2. Follow the Right Technique

Following a good technique is the key difference between a professional typist and an amateur typist. If you want to become an expert at typing, learn and follow the best techniques.

a) Use Touch Typing. Touch typing involves feeling the keys and their accurate position. You can feel the raised bar over F and J with your index fingers. This will help you position the rest of the fingers on the base or home keys.

b) Keep Your Fingers on the Home Keys. Position your fingers on the home keys: A, S, D, and F for the left-hand side and J, K, L, and ; for the right-hand side. Use all fingers to speed up typing and practice regularly for strengthening you muscle memory.

Try to memorize their positions and keep a mental map of the QWERTY keys. This technique will give results gradually – so don’t hurry – good speed will develop naturally over time with practice.

3. Always Keep the Correct Posture While Typing

Maintaining the correct posture while typing is crucial to avoid injuries and typing fast simultaneously. If you continue to type with bad posture, you might suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and develop Tendinitis.

Don’t forget to stick to these correct postures every time you type:

a) Keep your neck and back straight and supported.
b) Keep your feet flat on the floor at 90 degrees.
c) Your wrists should be at the home keys and leveled with the keyboard.

This posture will keep you relaxed and keep your energy levels intact.

4. Practice for Perfection

Practice daily for improving your typing performance over time. Regular practice will help you retain the good technique and you won’t lose the muscle memory you have developed. You can get help from the online typing tests for regular practice and also track your progress.

Along with that, you should keep typing on chats and forums over multiple windows. Identify the words or letter pairings that give you the most trouble and practice to get a hold over them too.

5 Online Websites That Will Help Improve Your Typing Speed

While you follow the important tips to improve your typing, you can get typing lessons, tutorials, tests and even games on several online websites that offers useful reviews and track your progress continuously.Here are the top 5 online typing websites that will help you improve your typing speed: - “This is a great site that has typing tests, courses and games that you can take advantage of. They claim to be the number one resource and I believe they are.” -Virginia Nakitari, Founder at Transcription Hub Pros - is another great online website that has interesting options to improve typing speed. You can chat with friends and compete against them in a private typing race. - is one of the best online websites to improve typing. It gives you the option to switch between 23 keyboard styles. As you complete the provided 27 typing lessons, you will find yourself typing really fast. - offers specific lessons to improve finger positions and ingrain the keys’ position in your muscle memory. It offers several fun ways to teach typing lessons such as typing games, tying competitions, and interesting typing tests. - is an online typing website that can help you earn a typing certificate— from a beginner to an advanced level. It offers typing lessons in the form of tutorials and fun games.

Tips to Avoid Wrist Injuries While Typing

A transcriptionist needs to not only type faster but also for longer hours most of the days. If you do not follow proper posture while typing, you might develop repetitive strain injury (RSI). This develops when the wrist joint suffers excessive strain from wrong typing style.

However, you can avoid wrist injuries by following these tips every time you type:

  • Keep Your Wrist Muscles Relaxed
  • Keep Your Forearms Relaxed
  • Keep Your Wrists Even with Your Forearms
  • Use Wrist Guards
  • Don’t Bend Your Wrists Upwards
  • Use an Adjustable Chair
  • Learn to Type Correctly

Finally, you can see yourself type at the required typing rate of a professional transcriptionist and earn extras on the basis of your jet speed typing speed. Keep up the practice and stay safe from injuries while typing too.

Do you have more useful suggestions for typing fast while working as a transcriptionist? Share your tips below!

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how to speed up windows 10 | Quick and easy steps

In Windows 10 computer or laptop lagging is very irritating while doing the work. Sometimes it takes too long to boot up. Or take too much time while opening an application in Windows 10 there are too many factors due to which the computer is lagging. If you are also facing such type of problem then you are in right place. Here we going to discuss how to overcome such types of errors or problems.

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