6 Easy Ways to Split a PDF Document Using C#

6 Easy Ways to Split a PDF Document Using C#

With the help of the Syncfusion PDF Library, you can easily split large PDF documents, and you can also automate the split function for batch processing.

Splitting a PDF document is a common use case in PDF document manipulation. It helps reduce the PDF file size by breaking down large documents into smaller pieces to send them via email or any other form of digital distribution.

With the help of the Syncfusion PDF Library, you can easily split large PDF documents, and you can also automate the split function for batch processing.

In this blog, we are going to explore the following six ways in which a PDF document can be split:

Let’s get started!

#1: Split a PDF document into multiple files

The primary need of splitting a PDF document is to reduce the file size of the document. For example, if an organization generates reports containing the paychecks for all employees, then they need to split the entire PDF file into individual files and email them separately to the respective employees.

We can easily split each page in a PDF document into individual PDF documents with the following two steps:

  1. Load the PDF document.
  2. Call the Split function with an output file pattern.

The following code example shows how to split an existing PDF document.

//Load PDF document

PdfLoadedDocument document =` `new` `PdfLoadedDocument(``"PDF_Succinctly.pdf"``);

//Split PDF document with pattern


//Close the document


By executing this code example, you will get individual PDF documents as shown in the following image.

Splitting a PDF document to multiple files

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