What Are The Differences Between Template-Driven And Reactive Forms?

What Are The Differences Between Template-Driven And Reactive Forms?

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Recently, I was trying to prepare myself for the upcoming interviews and it was a bit tough to search in google and open link and see same questions each and every time so I thought of sharing what I have found and what is most common questions someone should know if they are preparing for an interview.

Below Is the most common interview questions asked in Angular Developer Interviews. These questions and answers help to prepare for JavaScript developer interviews from junior to senior levels. Moreover, this article covers the basics to advance angular interview questions.

One of the most common questions that appear in the frontend interview is what are the differences between Template-Driven And Reactive Forms? Let’s see the detailed explanation of this question.

With the template-driven approach, you basically apply directives, such as ngModel, in your template. Based on these directives Angular will create form control objects. This approach is good for building simple forms with basic validation (required, minlength, maxlength,…).

With the reactive approach, you basically need to create new instances of the form controls and form control groups in your component. Reactive forms are also the best choice for building more complex forms and are better in case you have the intention to implement unit testing for your forms.

Template Driven Form Features

  • It is very easy to use
  • It works fine for simple scenarios
  • Similar to AngularJS
  • Two-way data binding(using [(NgModel)] syntax)
  • Minimal code
  • Unit testing is tough

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