JavaScript Algorithm: Camelcase a Sentence

JavaScript Algorithm: Camelcase a Sentence

Create a function that will capitalize the first letter of each word in a text.

We are going to write a function called, capitalizeWords, that will accept a string, str, as an argument.

The goal of the function is to output the same string but with every word in the string capitalized or camel-cased.


captializeWords("Create a function that will capitalize the first letter of each word in a text");

//output: "Create A Function That Will Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word In A Text"

The first thing we are going to do is create a variable called newWord. This variable will contain our new camel-cased string.

We are going to use a combination of the replace() method and regular expression.

let newWord = text.replace(/(\b\w)/g, function(str){      
    return str.toUpperCase();    

Our regular expression, /(\b\w)/g, will match every first character in a word boundary. In other words, it will match the first character of each word. Inside our callback function, for every character the regular expression matches, we replace that character with a capitalized character.

After the function capitalizes every word in the string, we return our new string.

return newWord;

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