5 Regrets a Developer Shouldn’t Have

5 Regrets a Developer Shouldn’t Have

We all live with our regrets, but no one is ready to die with them. As a software developer, I’ve seen a lot of people having tons of regret and it breaks my heart.

We all live with our regrets, but no one is ready to die with them. As a software developer, I’ve seen a lot of people having tons of regret and it breaks my heart.

We deserve to lead a happy and regretless life. The only person who can give you a regretless life is YOU.

I have my own theory to be regretless, which was made after making a lot of mistakes and learning. Here, I’m sharing those to save you from your regrets.

1. Listening to Others

What you think is more important than what others think. Most of the time, we make mistakes thinking that we’re making a decision, but the reality is that we’re not making a decision. We’re just reflecting on what others love to see about us. In other words, we’re a people pleaser.

Steve Jobs once said: “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

So, take a moment, think, and make a bold move like a boss. It is important to listen to yourself and what you want to become.

Many times you might regret the choices you make because one of your classmates told you to make that choice. If you don’t go with what you want, then you’ll be ended up hating your job. It is one of the biggest reasons why developers hate their job. They did it because a family member said so, or that they thought “it has a high pay, so why not do it?”

Many people believe you’ll definitely be living your own life when you hit 40, and you’ll make your own honest choices. Unfortunately, this is not valid because life is so uncertain, you can’t surely predict where you’ll be. Thousands of people around the world are experiencing intense guilt and frustration because they’re simply living the life of someone else — not their own.

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