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Using Github Authentication for Login with Laravel Socialite

Laravel Socialite package makes it simple to authenticate users to Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, etc. You can authenticate your users for the purpose of connecting their pre-existing user account to a third-party service, but you can also use it as your primary login method, which we’ll be talking about here.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a Github Login in Laravel socialite (Laravel 8 Socialite Github Login Tutorial).

so, we have seen many websites are using Github social login. but this tutorial we can easily create the Github social login using the laravel socialite package. so you can follow the below step.

  • Step 1: Install Laravel
  • Step 2: Setting Database Configuration
  • Step 3: Create Table using migration
  • Step 4: Install Package
  • Step 5: Add providers and aliases
  • Step 6: Create a Github App
  • Step 7: Configuration of API Key
  • Step 8: Create Auth
  • Step 9: Create Route
  • Step 10: Update Model and Controller
  • Step 11: Create Blade File

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Using Github Authentication for Login with Laravel Socialite

Laravel 8 Socialite Login with Google Account

Hello Guys,

Today I will share laravel 8 socialite login with google account. In this post give you example of laravel 8 socialite login with google account and also you can knowledge about how to socialite login with google account in laravel 8 jetstream.

This tutorial will give you very easy and simple example of login with gmail in laravel 8.

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Seamus  Quitzon

Seamus Quitzon


Php how to delete multiple rows through checkbox using ajax in laravel

First thing, we will need a table and i am creating products table for this example. So run the following query to create table.

CREATE TABLE `products` (
 `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
 `name` varchar(255) COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci NOT NULL,
 `description` varchar(255) COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci DEFAULT NULL,
 `created_at` timestamp NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
 `updated_at` datetime DEFAULT NULL,

Next, we will need to insert some dummy records in this table that will be deleted.

INSERT INTO `products` (`name`, `description`) VALUES

('Test product 1', 'Product description example1'),

('Test product 2', 'Product description example2'),

('Test product 3', 'Product description example3'),

('Test product 4', 'Product description example4'),

('Test product 5', 'Product description example5');

Now we are redy to create a model corresponding to this products table. Here we will create Product model. So let’s create a model file Product.php file under app directory and put the code below.


namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class Product extends Model
    protected $fillable = [

Step 2: Create Route

Now, in this second step we will create some routes to handle the request for this example. So opeen routes/web.php file and copy the routes as given below.


Route::get('product', 'ProductController@index');
Route::delete('product/{id}', ['as'=>'product.destroy','uses'=>'ProductController@destroy']);
Route::delete('delete-multiple-product', ['as'=>'product.multiple-delete','uses'=>'ProductController@deleteMultiple']);

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Laravel 8 REST API Authentication with Passport Example Tutorial

Laravel 8 rest api authentication with passport tutorial, you will learn step by step how to create rest API with laravel 8 passport authentication. And as well as how to install and cofigure passport auth in laravel 8 app.

Laravel 8 API Authentication with Passport Tutorial

Step 1: Download Laravel 8 App
Step 2: Database Configuration
Step 3: Install Passport Auth
Step 4: Passport Configuration
Step 5: Run Migration
Step 6: Create APIs Route
Step 7: Create Passport Auth Controller
Step 8: Now Test Laravel REST API in Postman

#laravel api authentication with passport #laravel 8 api authentication #laravel 8 api authentication token tutorial #laravel 8 api authentication using passport #laravel 8 api authentication session

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Country State City Drop Down List using Ajax in Laravel

Here, i will show you how to create dynamic depedent country state city dropdown list using ajax in laravel.

Country State City Dropdown List using Ajax in php Laravel

Follow Below given steps to create dynamic dependent country state city dropdown list with jQuery ajax in laravel:

  • Step 1: Install Laravel App
  • Step 2: Add Database Details
  • Step 3: Create Country State City Migration and Model File
  • Step 4: Add Routes For Country State City
  • Step 5: Create Controller For Fetch Country State City
  • Step 6: Create Blade File For Show Dependent Country State City in Dropdown
  • Step 7: Run Development Server

#how to create dynamic dropdown list using laravel dynamic select box in laravel #laravel-country state city package #laravel country state city drop down #dynamic dropdown country city state list in laravel using ajax #country state city dropdown list using ajax in php laravel #country state city dropdown list using ajax in laravel demo

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Laravel 7 Socialite Google Login Example

Laravel 7, 6 socialite google gmail account login example tutorial. Here you will learn how to implement socialite google gmail account login in laravel app using laravel socialite package.

Sometimes, you need to add social login (google, github, facebook, twitter) button in your laravel app for easy login purpose.

This tutorial also provide you live demo of laravel socialite google login app. You can click here “Demo“.

So, This laravel socialite google login example tutorial will help you step by step on how to implement socialite google login in laravel app.

Laravel Socialite Google Login Example

Follow the below and implement socialite google gmail account login in laravel app:

  1. Install laravel App
  2. Add Database Details
  3. Install Socialite Package For Google Login
  4. Create Google App
  5. Set Google App Details
  6. Add Routes
  7. Generate Auth Files By Artisan
  8. Create Controller
  9. Add Socialite Google Login Button In Blade Views
  10. Run Development Server

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