Introducing vcperf /timetrace for C++ build time analysis

Introducing vcperf /timetrace for C++ build time analysis

Carlos Fraguas from Mercury Steam Entertainment describes how he used the C++ Build Insights SDK to improve vcperf and create his own tools. I work as a Gameplay Programmer at Mercury Steam Entertainment. Let’s look at how the C++ Build Insights SDK helped me create tools to decrease build times and how I ended up adding a new visualization option into vcperf.


There’s one thing programmers dislike the most: waiting for the project to compile. Well, yes, we’ve all laughed with this XKCD comic:

A webcomic showing two people sword-fighting on office chairs. Somebody from the office says: "Hey! Get back to work!" and they reply "Compiling!"

But it’s really frustrating just watching a progress bar moving up! Long build times discourage iterations in both your project’s features and architecture (i.e. refactoring is costly), so we could argue that keeping your iteration cycle short is key for your team.

Some time ago I started worrying about slow build times and tried to find some tools that could help me find bottlenecks in our build process. It wasn’t until the C++ Build Insights SDK and _vcperf _were released that I could start making real and informed progress towards speeding them up!

There was an issue, though: by the time I started investigating, I wasn’t as familiar with MSVC as my Engine Programmer teammates. And that’s where vcperf truly shined: by giving me a visual representation of the build! I could then understand the amount of work that the compiler and linker are doing, and how it’s structured.

However, now that the SDK was available, I wanted to give it a try myself and create some custom reports, tailored for our team and projects. It felt astonishingly easy to set up and get useful info. And yes, it’s as straightforward as Kevin explains in his posts about finding build bottlenecks or profiling metaprograms!

Among those reports, and inspired by Aras Pranckevičius, I set myself to add an alternative visualization output for vcperf.

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