Creativity and Artificial Intelligence

Creativity and Artificial Intelligence

How does AI generate new ideas? Will it ever replace human creativity? Artificial intelligence is one of those buzzwords that we see everywhere now. It can be used to detect credit card fraud,

Creative robots Artificial intelligence is one of those buzzwords that we see everywhere now. It can be used to detect credit card fraud, play chess and even drive cars. But these are all tasks which we are more or less willing to give up and admit that computers can perform better than us — it seems reasonable that one day or the other, computers will be driving around, coordinating the traffic in our cities.

But what about art, or creativity in general? That has been something which we could always trust on to be better than computers — when we talk to Siri, it is hard to image it will ever be able to paint something like Dali, for instance. However, we used to feel the same way about chess, years ago. It was the pinnacle of the human intelligence, and way too complex for computers to grasp, until IBM’s Deep Blue amazed the world by beating Garry Kasparov, considered the best chess player of all times. Since then, computers have excelled humans not only in chess, but in many other games, including Go, a Chinese board game, way more complicated than chess. Could the same happen with creative arts?

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