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7 Ways to Use Automation and Boost Your Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is a widely known marketing tool that can help improve your business’s credibility and drastically improve the reach. Unfortunately, the traditional methods of sending emails are both times consuming and resource extensive as well, which is why using Email Service Providers is becoming increasingly popular and used by businesses to make their email campaigns automated.
Email automation can lead to success, but businesses have to constantly ensure that their campaigns are helping them achieve the targeted goals. Let’s discuss 7 different ways that can use email marketing to make your business a raging success.
1. Customer Experience Feedback is Gold
Knowing what your customers want from your business is the real deal when it comes to marketing Automation. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for marketers to answer this question correctly, and therein the challenge. A simple way to go about this is to simply ask your customers about their expectations and what they want from your business. You can use emails to reach out to a larger customer experience base and ask them whether they enjoy your products or services and in what ways can they improve them. You would be surprised to know how many people even open your emails and how many are willing to respond and give honest opinions. If your customers are not clicking at the links, then it is a clear indicator that either your offer is not tempting enough or your content is not attractive.
2. Conduct Frequent Surveys
Another way to collect feedback from the audience is through surveys. You may send your customers survey forms through applications like Survey Monkey or Google Forms. It is often challenging for brands to compile a questionnaire which will help them extract the required amount of information and be of a reasonable length. Bombarding your customers with too many questions will probably make them scroll through the form, and you might not even get feedback from them. Therefore, keep your email campaigns short and reasonable so that the subscribers can remain engaged.
3. Choose the Right Time
The success of marketing campaigns largely depends on the time that you send out the emails or the time you choose to publish the content. If you are aiming for a high click-through rate, you have to make sure that the maximum number of people will be able to access it. Moreover, you should also choose a time in which the users can easily re-share the content with their friends and families. As a digital marketer, you should do your homework to determine the best timings to publish content, sent out emails, etc. There are plenty of online tools and several research sites that help you decide a time, but there is no rule-of-thumb to determine perfect timings. It largely depends on the kind of business you are running and what kind of audience you are dealing with. Generally speaking, the best time to send out emails is in the mid of the week between 10 am to 2 pm.
4. Offer Deals, and Freebies
The most important thing to offer to your customers is value. Let your customers know that you hold them in high regard, and their satisfaction means the most. A simple way to do this is by offering your customers deals or freebies. It might not be feasible for your business to give out freebies, but they help to foster good relations between you and your customers. Think of it as a long-term investment for your business. Giveaways on social media can also help to increase the number of followers or subscribers on your social media channels. This will eventually improve your reach and your channel’s income.
5. Sending Mobile-Friendly Emails
No matter how great your email campaign is if you don’t make a mobile-friendly version for it, the chances are that it will fall flat. Why is there so much emphasis on mobile-friendly digital marketing campaigns and website design? The answer is simple – the majority of people use their mobile phones to open their emails. If they are not getting the whole picture on their phones, they will most likely switch to another application. Here are some tips to make your email campaigns more mobile-friendly.

• Align your content in one column only.
• Your text should be centre-aligned.
• Your CTA button should stand out.
• Use a small image and a larger font size.

6. Creating a Personalized User-Experience
Everybody is automating their emails nowadays, but there are very few who are taking it to the next level. The next level being personalized email marketing. You can use several techniques to make email campaigns more personalized for your users. An important part of email personalization is to align your brand image with your user’s interests and their personal choices. You might not be entirely successful, but even getting through to a small percentage of people can be highly beneficial for your brand image. Here are a few ways to make email campaigns personalized:
• Consider the time zones:
If your users are spread out in different time zones, then it is your responsibility to be able to send them emails based on their timing. Even choosing images that are better suited to your audience’s interests is a form of personalization.
• Celebrating milestones:
Small celebratory emails can have a big impact on users. Have you ever received emails wishing you on your birthday? Isn’t it like an instant boost? Imagine taking it a step ahead and giving discounts to people on their birthdays! That could be a real treat for them.

7. Segmenting Your Email List
Creating segments in your customer list is another way to provide your users with a more personalized experience. Naturally, all the people who have subscribed to your emails are not the same; they may belong to different regions, be of different genders, ages, and have different tastes and interests too. For higher conversion, it is important to segment your subscribers based on these market segmentation factors. You may also segment your users based on their response to the previous emails; this will help you decide whether they are “active” or “inactive” and engage with them accordingly. Targeted campaigns for the segments that you have created will be more effective and relevant to your subscribers.
Applying the above methods can help you boost your campaigns and make them much more successful. However, be sure to test your emails before you send them out. Sending test emails to the relevant team members will help eliminate typos, errors, etc. Moreover, try to test your emails at every stage rather than at the end. This will help you save time and resources.

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7 Ways to Use Automation and Boost Your Email Marketing Success

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Best Email marketing strategy for Business to Reach Customer

A company can plan when to send time-based promotions or non-promotional emails using an email marketing strategy. With an email marketing strategy in place, marketers can plan out their email advertising process ahead of time.Top Email Marketing Platform

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Alice Evans

Alice Evans


4 Elements for Successful Email Marketing Strategy

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Email marketing is the old way to communicate with your customers and tell them about your product/service. The ROI of the email was rated as “Good” or “Excellent” by 73% of marketers. Email marketing has been voted as the best way to market for your brand and company.

Although, any marketing strategy changes over time. Email marketing is no different.

What worked five years ago doesn’t work now. You need to revamp your email marketing strategy for better reach, compel your readers to open the mail and click on the button. For successful email marketing, the companies need to gain reader engagement and minimize unsubscription while maintaining a strong brand image.

To get the best of email marketing strategies, here are five essential elements that you should consider for successful email marketing.

Time and Frequency

The timing and frequency of emails matter very much while planning for email marketing. You may live in one country, but if most of your recipients live in another demographic place, you must consider their time zone for an email blast. You can send them emails according to their timezone to get your emails received and opened by them.

Segmentation of the contact list by the time zone will increase engagement from the readers, resulting in better results. If you are not sure about the time, you can look in the past for some understanding. In addition, you should also consider the frequency of email. The frequency depends upon your industry.

Subject Lines

The importance of subject lines in event marketing cannot be undermined. The first thing your email recipient will see is the subject line. It should be catchy and attractive. It should compel readers to click open the email.

However, the subject line should be consistent with the content of the email; else, you will not get a conversion. The clickbait subject lines might get your email opened and create a bad impression of your brand on the recipient and result in unsubscription.

Content and Visuals

Content and visuals in the email should be clear, appealing and engaging. Create beautiful emails with images and videos so that your readers are interested in what you are trying to say.

The email content should be precise but relevant to not give away too much information to the readers in the email. You should encourage them to use CTA in the email for better conversion.


Long gone are the days when emails were only accessed through desktops. These days everybody is a mobile user. You must optimize your email campaign for mobile so that all the content and visuals are mobile-friendly.

A mobile-friendly email generation will enable readers to receive and check your promotional emails on their mobiles. The use of responsive design for affiliate marketing would be a wise marketing plan.


Email marketing could be the best way to reach out to your audience if done strategically. A unique email marketing service is offered by Ercess Live. Their email marketing templates are visually appealing and allow you to attract your readers. Get a fully customized and scalable solution for your entire mailing list.

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Alice Evans

Alice Evans


4 Elements for Successful Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is the old way to communicate with your customers and tell them about your product/service. The ROI of the email was rated as “Good” or “Excellent” by 73% of marketers. Email marketing has been voted as the best way to market for your brand and company.

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