Know everything about voice chat app development like Clubhouse

Know everything about voice chat app development like Clubhouse

This blog discloses interesting information about the rising trend of voice chat app like Clubhouse, the development methodology, the core features, the total cost of development, and the bright prospects in the coming years.

The world of communication has always been packed with different innovations. The good old times of sending postal letters to the near and dear ones were replaced by text messaging (SMS). Then, came the era of Instant Messaging (IM) through apps like Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Further, we saw the huge success of video sharing apps like YouTube and TikTok.

Now, again we are seeing the emergence of voice chat app like Clubhouse making waves in the market. Even other apps like Discord, WhatsApp, Reddit, Signal, and Telegram have recently updated their voice chat capabilities through voice messaging, audio recording, and voice calling options.

Entrepreneurs aiming to dominate the promising market for online voice-based communication apps can achieve their business objectives easily by joining hands with Appdupe, a competent app development company for cutting-edge voice chat app development. We will create user-friendly Android and iOS apps, a state-of-the-art admin dashboard, and an advanced web panel that can be instantly launched in the target market.

What Is The Comprehensive Process Followed By Appdupe For Developing A Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse?

  • Analyzing the current market conditions for voice chat apps and the extent of competition.
  • Researching the user behaviour, likes, interests, and preferences of the target audience.
  • Complying with government guidelines and regulations regarding information and communication technology.
  • Deciding the set of features and functionalities to include in the Voice chat app similar to Clubhouse.
  • Hiring a competent team that includes finance managers, mobile app developers, marketing specialists, project managers, QA testers, technical support executives, and website designers.
  • Creating the friendly UI/UX design as part of the front-end of the Voice chat app.
  • Designing the backend section by setting up the operational server for completing basic requests and database management.
  • Building a prototype of the Clubhouse like voice chat app with all the basic functionalities.
  • Rigorously testing the prototype by analyzing its loading capacity, performance, security, and speed.
  • Adding all the other features in the full-fledged version of the Voice chat app.
  • Launching the Voice chat app similar to Clubhouse in the target market to get lots of downloads from users.
  • Implementing strategic digital marketing campaigns across various communication channels like online forums and social media platforms to maximize the business traction for the entrepreneur.

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