Learn PostgreSQL, PgAdmin, SQL and JDBC [Combo!] | Simpliv

Learn PostgreSQL, PgAdmin, SQL and JDBC [Combo!] | Simpliv

Learn PostgreSQL, PgAdmin, SQL and JDBC [Combo!]

Description This course talks about literally everything you need to know about Database.

In this course you will learn PostgreSQL which is the most popular Database used in the industry. You will learn about 'PGadmin' which is administrative tool for Database administrators. You will learn 'SQL' which is a language to communicate with Database. You will learn about 'JDBC' with is like a glue code, that will enable your application to interact with the Database.

We will also create CRUD Application

If you...

Don't know much about relational database (or) Don't know much about PostgreSQL (or) Don't know much about PgAdmin (or) Don't know much about SQL (or) Don't know much about JDBC (or) Don't know much about MVC Design Pattern (or) Don't know how the real world MVC architecture works Then this course is for you. You will learn all the above!

Who this course is for:

People who want to understand Relational Database, postgreSQL, PgAdmin People who want to learn SQL People who want to learn real time CRUD application using Database and JDBC People who want to know about MVC Architecture with a simple application Basic knowledge It would be good to have some understanding on any programming language The example application was written using Java programming language. But, the essence of any programming language will remain name. If needed take a look at my awesome course on Java Programming, servelts and JSP What will you learn You will be Comfortable using PgAdmin, psql, postgresql You will know how to integrate application logic with PostgreSQL and perform CRUD operations You will understand real time CRUD application that follows MVC Architecture You will be comfortable learning any other database apart from PostgreSQL To continue:

sql postgresql-pgadmin-sql jdbc-combo

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