How To Save A Fortune On Azure Kubernetes Service

How To Save A Fortune On Azure Kubernetes Service

Learn how to save a fortune on Azure Kubernetes Service. Various tactics to help you minimize your spend on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS): Using spot instances, Scheduling cluster shutdowns, Using Cluster Autoscaler and HPA together, Using Reserved Instances, Sizing Node Pools, Watch out for extra costs

Various tactics to help you minimize your spend on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

We all know the story — your team gets access to a cloud provider and the first month everyone is happy and engaged. DevOps teams quickly spin up multiple Kubernetes clusters for development, test, and production environments. And it’s all beautiful… until the first invoice comes. Suddenly it’s not so colorful anymore.

What did AKS do with my money?

It’s easy to provision an Azure Kubernetes Cluster (AKS) — simply start the wizard and click “Next” until it’s finished. However, this simplified approach might cost you a lot of money. Cloud vendors are not eager to decrease your cloud spending, thus it takes some time and effort to find all the possible ways to do it.

There are multiple ways you could keep your AKS spending under control. Here, we gathered some of the most important ones:

  • Using spot instances
  • Scheduling cluster shutdowns
  • Using Cluster Autoscaler and HPA together
  • Using Reserved Instances
  • Sizing Node Pools
  • Watch out for extra costs

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