Stephanie  Auer

Stephanie Auer


Innovative Social Betting Platform

Juraj Antal, co-founder of Fandona, talks to us about his innovative social betting platform that aims to leverage the enjoyable and repeated activity of sports betting to contribute to charity and fight income inequality worldwide. We had a great time talking to him and are excited to be a part of his cause!


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Innovative Social Betting Platform
Jones Brianna

Jones Brianna


Top 5 Social Media App Development Strategies 2020 - Mobiweb

Creating a social media app is not an easy task but with great ideas, experience and a proficient team of social media makers can make the project successful. A social media app development company will help an entrepreneur to reach his business goals and bring in true and loyal users.

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Jones Brianna

Jones Brianna


How To Create A Social Network Platform Like Facebook & Instagram

Social networking app development can be entertaining and challenging and you can be guaranteed a successful social media app development if a methodical passageway to the invention is followed. Not sure where to start? Implement 7 Easy Steps to Create A Social Media App

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Wrestling Betting Software Development | WWE Betting Software Developers

Mobiweb Technologies offers exclusive and extensive Wrestling betting software development services that come up with advanced features. Well-skilled and experienced Wrestling betting software development experts at Mobiweb offer tempting and fascinating software and applications that engage the users to take interest in the game. Most of the sports lovers lookup for creative and innovative software solutions that provide high-quality user-experience. Whole world has become advanced and every individual is under the power of modern technology. Wherein a variety of betting enthusiasts wants to place their wager on different kinds of sports. Wrestling is becoming the center of attraction for users.

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IPL Cricket Betting Software | IPL Cricket Betting App Development

The IPL cricket is keeping the audience glued to it. There is no better time to launch an IPL betting software solution than this. Be ready to hit the online gaming industry with our betting software.

Single click betting- Users can now start betting with a single click. Our intelligent UI is designed to facilitate the ease in operating the app.

Live scores- Our betting app is integrated with a live score system. Users can view the live score directly on your platform, and place bets accordingly.

Multiple betting- The app supports placing multiple bets, so that users can place any number of bets based on their preferences.

Live Odds/Pre-match betting- This feature allows users to place live bets or pre-live bets.

Instant Settlement- Increase the authenticity of your platform by settling the winning amount to users, instantly.

Basic functionality of the app:
Users will log into the app, and the admin will verify accounts.
Users can now select a match, and place bets.
The app supports users to place multiple bets too.
Users can see the live scores from the app, and place bets.
If won, users will get the winning amount.

At Appdupe, our team of IPL betting software developers will create an intuitive solution based on your budget. You can add/remove any features according to your business requirements. You don’t have to bother much about rebranding as our solutions are completely white-labeled. Also, to cope with business expansion in the future, we provide options for scalability.

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Stratus seo

Stratus seo


Stratus: One of the best social media posting tools for efficient social media management

Efficient social media management could mean you getting the desired online recognition and leads for your business (if that was your intend to stay active on social media). Unfortunately, the common practice of social media management requires you to switch between multiple accounts of yours. This requires significant time and effort on your part. Stratus addresses this problem by bringing all of the social media channels on a single platform. You can access and manage your social media accounts in a single place while saving your time and effort. The user-friendly interface and advanced features integrated into the Stratus platform make it one of the best social media posting tools. To learn more or to sign up on Stratus, visit

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