Digital Transformation: Accelerating The Change In FinTech Technology

Change in FinTech Technology is taking advantage of digital transformation to bring a startup mindset to corporations to help drive growth in their businesses. Digital transformation solutions have a significant impact on the FinTech industry. The FinTech sector is able to drive growth for businesses, from startups to large corporations, through digital transformation.

Global economies have been hit hard by the introduction of new norms such as work from home and social distant working. Digital transformation is a key strategy to help companies succeed in these difficult times. Digital transformation is a priority for every industry, with the BFSI being one of the largest beneficiaries. Therefore, talking about the FinTech industry can bring extreme changes in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sector) sector and make it ready for the

FinTech's financial industry is working hard to implement the digital transformation strategy. One example is digital payment solutions. This post will discuss in detail the various ways FinTech's digital transformation is driving change in the finance sector. It is also possible to see how financial services are reassessing their security practices using SaaS (software-as-a-service) development.

Startups and SME (small and medium enterprises and startups) have to reorganize and seek funding from lending regulatory agencies to help them adapt to the digital environment. FinTechs create new ways for customers accessing and delivering financial services. With simple methods to make investments and receive quarterly advice, and to set up a budget with the app's assistance, they can also help them to create their own personal budget. FinTechs' business model requires large, well-funded companies to keep innovating and competing with startups. A strategic plan that addresses digital transformation with minimal downtime is essential.

Digital Transformation enables rapid growth in FinTech Technology

The traditional view of the finance industry has been distorted and it takes time to adapt to changes. However, we now have new perspectives after the pandemic. It has brought about tangible change through the adoption of rapid digital and physical changes that have required the FinTech industry take on the challenge to provide companies with the most advanced computing technology.

These changes are mainly due to the rapid shifts in consumer behavior and new patterns that have emerged from the desire for cash-less and contact-less transactions.

The following statistics illustrate the rapid growth technology for digital change.


Finance industry remains conservative and slow to adopt an innovative approach. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a fundamental change in the policy. Now, the FinTech sector is aiming to meet both the needs of financial companies as well as the customer expectations. Digital transformation solutions are a great help to the FinTech industry.

The FinTech industry's digital transformation can alter market trends, financial patterns, and consumer behavior. Cashless and contactless transactions are becoming the norm. On demand app development companies can create innovative payment solutions that include this functionality. Digital transformation is possible through its adoption. Digital transformation is having an impact on the FinTech app-development sector.

Digital Transformation in FinTech Industry- Key Objectives

1. Better Risk Assessment


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics and Blockchain Technologies are helpful for faster and more precise due diligence. It could be a merger and acquisition, or the disbursement of loans. Advanced FinTech solutions make it possible to accurately assess risk.

2. Improved Collaboration


For growth, a strong team structure is essential. Advanced digital solutions can help to strengthen that structure by improving collaboration. FinTech apps are able to connect FinTech app developers and customers for real time communication. These apps allow employees to connect with each other and access data in real time.

3. Mobile-based Utilities

In this mobile-driven age, ewallet apps have been adopted as a standard. Everyone prefers mobile-based payment options to traditional methods, from customers to merchants to service providers to entrepreneurs.

Mobile transactions are quick, safe, and easy to make. Financial companies are more likely to offer various services through their mobile apps.


Finally, if we think of challenges in digital transformation in the finance sector, data security and protection of the user’s privacy remain on the top. Customers provide their bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards in mobile wallets, digital payment solutions, and other FinTech products.

The mobile app development company must develop robust and secure app solutions that can protect this valuable data.

4. Increased Mobile Banking


Mobile banking is growing. Fidelity National Information Services, (FIS), reported a 200% rise in mobile banking registrations for April 2020.

Top Benefits of Digital Transformation in FinTech Industry

1. Convenience

Digital payment solutions are a great solution in this time of pandemic. FinTech app developers create apps that provide more convenience for users while allowing them to make secure online transactions.


SME's and startups can benefit from the digitally-driven loan disbursal process, robust and secure FinTech app design solutions, and the digitally-driven loan repayment process. It is now possible to easily operate different operations and offer new services for finance companies.

2. Efficiency

Digital lending platforms are more efficient thanks to better data analytics and real time reporting. Digitalisation has made Know Your Customer (KYC), easier and more accurate. Financial companies are able to complete credit processing faster and more efficiently by digitizing. It is also possible to identify fraudulent transactions by analyzing online transactions and the customer's behavior.


When discussing the latest digital transformation trends in the booming financial industry, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Data Analytics, IoT, Open Banking, and Automation are all possible options. FinTech app developers integrate these trends into advanced applications and help their clients achieve the following objectives.

Read the blog- How To Make FinTech Robust? The Future of AI in the Financial Sector

3. Flexibility

Because they are unable to measure all aspects of lending, legacy systems continue to be ineffective. Traditional lending systems do not generate revenue for SME's. They are also more costly than FinTech app development solutions. The lack of flexibility is another problem with legacy lending.


Cloud technology is also used to develop finance apps. A cloud-based lending app, for example, can be seamlessly integrated with the asset system to offer a sustainable digital model that is user-friendly and provides a complete lending solution.

How is FinTech Digital Transformation Making SMEs Coherent?

1. Processing Data For Operational Efficiency


Customers today expect instant gratification. FinTech app development is no exception. A FinTech app can stand out by integrating features that provide personalized experiences for different users.


Financial consultants can access customer data easily and obtain approval using digital lending platforms such as Know Your Customer (KYC), Personal Identity or KYC based upon social security. Outsourcing Data Analytics can also help to improve credit processing by enabling better understanding of customer portfolios. Customer behavior can also be recorded and analyzed to identify fraud.

2. Greater Lending Flexibility

Traditional lending models in the current system are ineffective as they aren't designed to measure. This makes it difficult for SMEs to make money. Legacy systems are also more costly than FinTech app developers, which offer a lower performance model to cut costs. This system is also limited in flexibility.


A cloud-based lending model can help. Create an Android application programming interface. This will allow you to seamlessly integrate with asset systems. It will also provide a sustainable digital model that can be used to drive a well-designed lending program.

3. Channeling Digital FinTech Offerings


Digital payment platforms, such as Ewallet and credit cards, have seen a rise in demand for transactions by SMEs due to the rapid acquisition of digital platforms during the pandemic. Globally, startups and SMEs have begun to take advantage of digital profits and loans through easy, fast and secure FinTech app design solutions that are backed up by robust infrastructure processes. They have been informing both high-end consumers as well as warm-hearted SMEs about the possibility of using FinTech apps to help them drive their financial operations.

Must-Have Features of FinTech Apps

1. Personalization Functionality

Customers today expect instant gratification. FinTech app development is no exception. A FinTech app can stand out by integrating features that provide personalized experiences for different users.


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Personalization is enhanced when the accumulated data can be used to predict user behavior and provide something that encourages them to return to the app. For example, an investment app should be able to direct users in the right direction.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the latest technology that has sparked innovation more than any other. If FinTech app features include AI, it's bound to lead to a significant increase in aspects such as automatic customer support via chatbots, better efficiency and wealth measurement.


Artificial Intelligence also brings customer support automation to a forefront, allowing team experts to concentrate on other important tasks for business improvements and generating favorable ROI with their time.

3. Immersive UI/UX

A FinTech app's interface can determine its utility. FinTech App Development is done professionally to ensure a user-friendly and smooth app.


A simple UI/UX provides users with greater flexibility and increased power. This is the biggest benefit. The UX is not only great for the features they offer but also allows for smoother financial operations which increases user engagement.

4. Analytics

It is crucial that financial data accuracy is maintained so that FinTech app users can use them. This is why data analytics integration is crucial when developing FinTech apps.


Users can receive customized reports about their financial transactions with the right analytics plug-ins. This will keep them informed of the status of their financial position. This feature is available in most top-rated apps, and it's being used more every day due to the current competitive market.

5. Reward Campaigns

For users to return to the FinTech app they are most interested in, reward programs and campaigns can be a great way. Robinhood is one of many FinTech apps that feels the same way, and uses consistent reward campaigns.


FinTech app development offers great opportunities for users to get a few freebies by using the app with referrals and usage rewards. This is an important feature.

6. Abilities to Multi-Tier Functions


Multi-tier functionality allows FinTech apps flexibility and high efficiency simultaneously. This feature gives the impression that the app is purpose-driven and efficient when it should be. This feature allows the app to run multiple sessions simultaneously, allowing it to function seamlessly. Users can manage and track multiple activities easily, which leads to higher sales for the company.

7. Data Privacy & Security

FinTech mobile app development must pay close attention to security and privacy. It is important to ensure that the right compliance with the data security measures is in place so that the app does not face any legal problems in the future.


The regulations should be clearly defined and the authentication process must be simple enough for everyone to be able manage their financial accounts.

8. Blockchain and Crypto

Blockchain is a key driver for change in FinTech industry. It allows financial transactions to be transparent and can be done in a very short time. It also ensures that each transaction is valid by recording and validating it. Blockchain allows companies to increase the frequency of their payments via P2P, lower the transaction fees, and save money for all parties involved in transactions.


Blockchain also brings quick and safe data sharing integrity through various platforms without intermediaries like banks or other related institutions.

Challenges Faced In FinTech Digital Transformation

1. The challenge of FinTechs' transformation is to build trust and relationships with clients who work with traditional financial service providers. FinTechs must dispel the myth that security and data management are required for their new creation.

2. It is difficult for them to present investors and other stakeholders a clear view about their proposal. This is especially true if the offer is not accepted by certain customers or is not permitted in certain markets. Commercial investors face many challenges when trying to raise funds. These investors will be looking for evidence that FinTech digital transformation can be innovative and capable of mitigating risks.


3. A valid control framework is essential for FinTechs. It should align boundaries and allow them to scale globally without causing any collisions.

4. The last digital transformation challenge is international action. 95% of FinTech companies failed to scale up when they tried. This is because FinTechs fail to operate beyond the limits of regional and national regulations and fail to reach customers in critical times.

Concluding Lines

In fact, digital transformation solutions are crucial in driving the FinTech sector's growth. These solutions also have a significant impact on financial services companies by advancing FinTech app design services. It is important to mention that the transformation of internal structures, new methods of customer communication, and improved service will all take the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sector) to a new level in coming years.

Nimble AppGenie offers the best FinTech app development services, based on our client's business needs and global trends. When developing advanced FinTech apps or digital payment solutions, our FinTech app developers always keep the end users in mind. Please note that our mission includes digital transformation of financial institutions through FinTech app development.

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Digital Transformation: Accelerating The Change In FinTech Technology

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Thank you for writing such an informative article on the topic. Your writing style is amazing and I really enjoyed reading the blog. 

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Why Choose Digital Academy 360 to Learn Digital Marketing

Why Choose Digital Academy 360 to Learn Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing training has become the most acquired skill in Bangalore in the last few years. More than 60% of college graduates have a good understanding of how social media and digital marketing work. This interest is fueled by today’s growing demands to fill the void of good digital marketers. The youth of Bangalore has realized the worth of digital marketing courses in Bangalore and are beginning to fashion newer and cooler professions for themselves. It has been established that upskilling yourself with the fundamentals of digital marketing can go a long way towards a fruitful career. 

Since we are addressing Bangalore, you would benefit from learning about the best option for digital marketing training institute. Digital Academy 360 is by far the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore. There are many reasons why and we will get to them.

Digital Academy 360 began operations in 2015 with the sole mission to get as many folks trained and upskilled as possible. The focus for them was to make sure that every individual was well-equipped with the commercial and behind-the-scenes aspects of digital marketing. Learning how digital marketing can empower your business can be quite an eye-opener. There are still many businesses that do not understand the importance of marketing their products or services online. With Digital 360, the initiative has been taken and today they have transformed more than 30,000 careers. 

The reason why so many students and learners flock to Digital Academy 360 is that it is the only place that offers:

  1. Online & Offline Classes: Today, especially after the pandemic, every learning institution is focused on online learning, to rope in larger crowds. Digital Academy 360, in fact, is a hub for live classroom sessions to incorporate peer-to-peer learning effectively.
  2. Paid Internship Opportunities: Nowhere else can anybody find a training institute that gets their students paid internships throughout the entire duration of the course. Students can get real-world exposure to corporate culture while also deep-diving into the world of digital marketing.
  3. Job Assurance: Digital Academy 360 has a clear end goal for every candidate who enrolls in any program - to get them gainfully employed. Since they are tied up with more than 1000 hiring partners, which include some big names such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, TCS, and the like, job assurance is more or less a given.
  4. Fee Refund: On the off chance that a candidate is unable to get placed even after their best attempts, then Digital Academy 360 offers a full refund of the course fee. That is a real commitment to the cause!

If you are still unconvinced with the prowess of Digital Academy 360’s operations, you will need to shop around to find a better place. The Digital Academy 360 alumni would answer all your questions on what to expect from a digital marketing course in Bangalore. Digital Academy 360 has 5 learning centers across Bangalore in Jayanagar, HSR Layout, Indiranagar, Hebbal, and Malleswaram. To schedule a class or to join a course, just visit their website. Your future is in your hands, make the right call for your future today.

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Career in digital marketing


We've already seen the impact this ongoing epidemic has had on the employment market, with most verticals experiencing a decline in growth, millions of jobs lost, and new job creation on a downward trend!

There are, nevertheless, a few fields that have maintained their strength and emerged as actual opportunities, Digital marketing is one of them!

As a result, a career in digital marketing is one of the greatest options available right now, but with so many job seekers interested in this industry, competition for employment has increased. As a result, learning the digital marketing courses in Chennai thoroughly is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Choose Digital Marketing as a career

According to a new survey from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 73 percent of Fortune 500 businesses now have active corporate Twitter accounts, and 66 percent have Facebook pages.

According to Conductor, a New York firm, there has been a 112 percent increase in demand for SEO practitioners, with pay as high as &94,000.

Since 2006, the number of job listings using "SEO" has surged by 1900% on Job Search | Indeed.

These statistics will help you comprehend the rise and significance of digital marketing in today's firms. Having a skill in this area will undoubtedly offer you an advantage.

Now if you pursue a profession in Digital Marketing, you will not be bored, nor will you be stuck doing the same old jobs day after day. The reason for this is that digital evolves, morphs, transforms, and evolves at a rapid pace and necessitates continuous updates to accommodate these changes in your strategy, communications, and promotions.

The possibilities are unlimited, and the potential for progress is limitless. This is a field where your work is really important. So if you’re willing to work hard and put in the extra hours, you’ll be the most in-demand digital marketer that any firm wants to recruit. 

That is why there is a high need for digital marketing jobs these days.

After considering all the above-mentioned factors, If you're serious about learning digital marketing as a career, I recommend going through the proper channels. There are various good institutes that provide digital marketing courses in Chennai both online and offline.

If you are looking for the best digital marketing training institute in Chennai, then Digital Academy 360 is a great place to start your digital marketing career. 

As a result, each Digital Academy 360 member is separated into distinct groups and assigned various group tasks. We can learn in a variety of methods from a variety of people with different perspectives.

Conclusion :

Without Digital Marketing you won’t be able to promote your brand and reach out to your potential customers.

You'll receive live session recordings that you can download and utilize at a later time. There will also be pre-recorded videos available. As a result, the value of your education will increase. They also provide full placement assistance.

If the information presented above pleases your interest and you'd want to learn more about this course, go to their website and take a look around, or join up for a live demo session.

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yogesh sashi


Why is digital marketing important


In the twenty-first century, the way businesses communicate with their customers has evolved with the times. Traditional marketing has taken a step back to make room for a new face to enter the sector. We all live in a digital world where we are all immersed in new technology that makes us feel at ease and makes any type of work easier. The more comfortable the zone becomes, the more difficult it becomes for people to make a living because there will be more people competing for a single job.

The world's economy grows through many types of government-run or privately held businesses. In this era, having advanced technologies can have both positive and harmful consequences.

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that involves the use of electronic devices, and it is also utilized by marketing professionals to communicate with customers. Marketing campaigns that display on a computer, phone, tablet, or other device are referred to as digital marketing. Learn digital marketing courses in Bangalore with 100+ modules with 20+ Google certifications.

Advantages of using Digital Marketing :

You may keep track of your competitors:

You can do this activity by setting up Google alerts. You can easily compete with your competition, although traditional marketing would not allow you to do so.

Build Your Brand's Reputation:

Digital marketing raises brand awareness and strengthens your brand's reputation among consumers.

Saves time and money:

Digital marketing is both cost-effective and time-saving. When compared to traditional marketing, it will generate a lot of money.

Huge Engagement: 

You have a good understanding of your target audience and interact with them on a variety of media. The greatest ways to reach out to the target demographic are through social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Great career choice:

Individuals have found digital marketing to be a fantastic career choice. Business owners want to master Digital Marketing so that they can promote their company, while freshers and job seekers see it as a viable career option.

Digital marketing gives platforms for all types of businesses whether small, medium, or large. It is less expensive than other forms of traditional advertising.

For every company’s growth, Digital Marketing will provide higher ROI and conversions, and also your company’s revenue will increase. 

So, if you've been considering how digital marketing may help your company develop, I hope these points are helpful. So go ahead and use the digital medium to promote your company on a worldwide scale. Your business's results and improvements will undoubtedly amaze you.

If you're serious about digital marketing as a profession, I recommend going through the correct channels to learn it. There are numerous good institutes that provide both online and offline digital marketing courses in Bangalore. If you are looking for the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore, then Digital Academy 360 is an excellent place to start your digital marketing career if you want to learn from the best. It provides both online and face-to-face training. The online course will be completed in three months, while the offline course will take four to seven months.

Many people whose lives are being transformed by the Digital Academy 360 team, which is laying the groundwork for a successful career path in the digital world for them.

If the information presented above piques your interest and you'd want to learn more about this course, go to their website and take a look around, or join up for a live demo session.

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In today's competitive market, digital marketing has become a must-have skill set. There are no restrictions on what you can do in the digital world, and the playing field is level in terms of the materials available to you.

To obtain experience in digital marketing, you must first understand what digital marketing entails. Digital marketing is the process of promoting your company or product over the internet. Digital marketing is an alternative for someone who wishes to work in the marketing business.

Experience can be gained over time, and information is essential for this. Rather than merely thinking about it, you should always endeavor to improve it. If you work hard to gain experience, it will undoubtedly benefit you in the future. 

There are numerous internet portals where you can learn about digital marketing. Follow the digital marketers to learn more about what they do and how they think about it.

To begin, subscribe to all of the prominent digital marketing blogs and watch all of the YouTube videos. If you are a recent graduate, you can participate in a digital marketing internship by joining the digital marketing courses in Coimbatore.

 If not, you can try to maintain a local business's website or social media on your own (free of cost if needed). This will provide you with practical experience. To develop digital strategies, research the company and its competitors.

To get experience in this area, you should begin by performing the following-

  • Brainstorming.
  • Read a lot of books.
  • People with a lot of experience in your area can teach you a lot.
  • Learn about the things you don't understand and look into their extent.

Be active on LinkedIn, where individuals share their experiences with SEO, Google analytics, and other issues. Join LinkedIn communities where individuals discuss a wealth of new tools and blog entries on a variety of digital marketing topics.

Start making posts on LinkedIn on various digital marketing themes to see how they trend. Create Infographics on a variety of topics and evaluate which ones worked well and which ones did not.

Begin by writing short blog posts with SEO in mind as a practice, and then work on them to produce organic traffic utilizing the many tactics suggested on Google or in other articles you read.

It's very much necessary to stay updated on the current trends. To learn from the best-in-class specialists, you might wish to subscribe to a variety of podcasts held by digital marketing practitioners or follow them on professional networks such as LinkedIn.

Search for "Digital Marketing news," "Digital Marketing trends," "Digital Marketing for Beginners," and "Digital Marketing Influencers" on Google to become acquainted with that attitude. 

Choose ten blogs to read every day, ten podcasts to listen to every day, and ten digital marketing newsletters to subscribe to every day, and your email box (create a new account) will be stuffed with knowledge.

If you're serious about mastering digital marketing as a job, I recommend going through the correct channels after considering all of the above factors. There are a number of good online and offline institutes that provide digital marketing courses.

If you are looking for the best digital marketing training institute in Coimbatore, then Digital Academy 360 is a great place to start your career. It provides a digital marketing course in Coimbatore both online and offline training. The online course will be completed in three months, while the offline course will take four to seven months.

Many people whose lives are being transformed by the Digital Academy 360 team, which is laying the groundwork for a successful career path in the digital world for them.

You'll receive live session recordings that you can download and utilize at a later time. There will also be pre-recorded videos available. As a result, the value of your education will increase. They also provide full placement assistance.

If the information presented above pleases your interest and you'd want to learn more about this course, go to their website and take a look around, or join up for a live demo session.

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yogesh sashi


How to become a Global digital marketer

How to Become a Global Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is a global enterprise, not limited by boundaries or regions. Since the internet is for everyone equally, there is no ruler there. If you plan to start a business by selling a product or providing a service, digital marketing is your best chance at promoting your business. If becoming a global digital marketer is your goal, your ideal course of action would be to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Digital marketing courses in Chennai are picking up the pace as more and more people are showing interest and involvement in digital marketing. To become a global digital marketer, read this blog to gain some insights.

Acquire Knowledge On Global Marketing

Every country or region has popular social trends that are distinct from each other. Countries such as China, Japan, and Korea have their own unique cultures and the applications that they use are also quite different. Apps such as WeChat, TikTok, and LINE are mostly used for social media and communication. While the rest of the world mostly uses WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram, Asian countries are less active here. So to become a global spearhead in marketing, understanding how different apps work is quite important. To start off, you would benefit from understanding the algorithms of different apps or sites that are used globally. A digital marketing course in Chennai would help you achieve your goal much faster.

Build a Digital Marketing Portfolio

If you can demonstrate your prolific knowledge of different user systems in social media, then you can create an extensive portfolio of your work. Having a versatile portfolio can enable better opportunities for you worldwide. YouTube marketing is quite different from LinkedIn marketing, which in turn differs from Instagram or TikTok marketing. To become a well-renowned digital marketer, having a wide range of experience is the best course of action for you. 

Develop a Professional Marketing Resume

To be taken seriously around the world, you need two things - tons of experience and sound knowledge. Both of those need to be highlighted well on your resume. Becoming a global digital marketer is a great career path. What will help you get there is enough experience to prove that you understand the depths of social media marketing. Enough hours running on campaigns, gaining inside performances, and developing a systematic approach to marketing your content are necessary to make your resume a brilliant one. 

Join Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 is the best digital marketing training Institute in Chennai. To fully understand the intricacies of social media, to gain on-the-job experience, to become a digital marketing expert, Digital Academy 360 is the place to be. With their advanced post-graduate program in digital marketing, you will gain the knowledge and skills required that can propel you towards the path to becoming a global digital marketer. With peer-to-peer learning and dozens of paid software put to use, you get the ultimate training experience. Also, market experts and business leaders drop in from time to time to share their experiences with you. 

Join today and start your journey towards your dream career.

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