Laravel Vs CodeIgniter: Which One is Better After Release of PHP 8? Moon Technolabs

Laravel Vs CodeIgniter: Which One is Better After Release of PHP 8? Moon Technolabs

Both CodeIgniter and Laravel are great - which one should you use after the release of PHP 8. Here you can refer in depth.

CodeIgniter and Laravel are two PHP-based highly renowned frameworks used by developers for projects concerning web development. While both of them are reliable and fast, differences do exist between the two, and you must learn about them.

The developers of today usually have to build elaborate websites and web apps. You’re planning to hire dedicated CodeIgniter developer or Laravel developer for one such project. You and everyone else may think that working on such projects is nothing more than a routine exercise for these web development specialists. However, in reality, after introducing a specific level of complexity, designing sites and developing apps can turn into an inconvenience. They have to spend way too much time on their projects. Such a situation led to the creation of a structured development method incorporating PHP-based frameworks.

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