Router Module for Web and Mobile Navigation

Xapptor Router

Router Module for Web and Mobile Navigation.

Let's get started

1 - Depend on it

Add it to your package's pubspec.yaml file

    xapptor_router: ^0.0.2

2 - Install it

Install packages from the command line

flutter pub get

3 - Learn it like a charm

Call your start_screens_config function in your main.dart

Future<void> main() async {
    await Firebase.initializeApp();
    Paint.enableDithering = true;

Create start_screens_config function

* Set current_build_mode

* Set landing_screen

* Set unknown_screen

* Add new app screens with add_new_app_screen function

* Final step is call runApp function using the default Xapptor App class, setting your app_name and theme

start_screens_config() {
    current_build_mode = BuildMode.release;
    landing_screen = Landing();
    unknown_screen = UnknownScreen(
        logo_path: logo_image_path,

            name: "login",
            child: UserInfoView(
                text_list: [
                    "Remember me",
                    "Log In",
                    "Recover password",
                tc_and_pp_text: RichText(text: TextSpan()),
                gender_values: [],
                country_values: [],
                first_button_color: Colors.white,
                second_button_color: Colors.white,
                third_button_color: Colors.white,
                logo_image_path: "your_image_path",
                has_language_picker: false,
                custom_background: null,
                user_info_form_type: UserInfoFormType.login,
                outline_border: true,
                first_button_action: null,
                second_button_action: open_forgot_password,
                third_button_action: open_register,
                has_back_button: true,
                text_field_background_color: null,

            name: "privacy_policy",
            child: PrivacyPolicy(
                base_url: "",
                use_topbar: false,

            name: "home",
            child: Home(),

            app_name: "MyAppName",
            theme: ThemeData(
                primarySwatch: your_material_color,
                fontFamily: 'VarelaRound',
                textButtonTheme: TextButtonThemeData(
                    style: TextButton.styleFrom(
                        padding: EdgeInsets.only(
                            left: 20,
                            right: 20,

You can open a screen calling the function open_screen and passing the name of the screen:


4 - Check Abeinstitute Repo for more examples

Abeinstitute Repo


Use this package as a library

Depend on it

Run this command:

With Flutter:

 $ flutter pub add xapptor_router

This will add a line like this to your package's pubspec.yaml (and run an implicit flutter pub get):

  xapptor_router: ^0.0.2

Alternatively, your editor might support flutter pub get. Check the docs for your editor to learn more.

Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:xapptor_router/app.dart';
import 'package:xapptor_router/app_screen.dart';
import 'package:xapptor_router/app_screen_route_information_parser.dart';
import 'package:xapptor_router/app_screen_route_path.dart';
import 'package:xapptor_router/app_screen_router_delegate.dart';
import 'package:xapptor_router/app_screens.dart';
import 'package:xapptor_router/initial_values_routing.dart'; 

Download Details:

Author: Xapptor

Source Code:

#flutter #ios 

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Router Module for Web and Mobile Navigation

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